It’s war! Ola Afolabi tells Marco Huck he’ll need a wheelchair after their trilogy

9 May
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Darren Lewis – London

The third installment of fights between cruiserweight rivals Ola Afolabi and WBO 200lb titlist Marco Huck promises to be the most thrilling as the Briton and German fighters have both declared war. The normally mild-mannered Afolabi, known for his affable personality and technical grace in the ring, advised Huck he’ll need a wheelchair after their June 8 battle at the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin while Marco implied that Ola had just given him that extra motivation to put curtain-calling exclamation point to their trilogy.

Credit: Photo Wende

Battle for the belt. Credit: Photo Wende

“Huck shouldn’t be able to call himself world champion anymore,” said Afolabi during a recent press conference. “In my opinion, he lost on three previous occasions. He lost against Lebedev, he lost against me and also against Arslan. He should only be able to call himself German champion or champion of Berlin.”

Speaking directly to Huck, Afolabi added: “Everybody knows that I have always been a good technician, but now my fitness level is also excellent. I will seriously hurt you come June 8. You will need a wheelchair after the fight.”

Huck brushed off the unpleasantness: “Afolabi is starting to get on my nerves. I beat him in December 2009. After I fought Alexander Povetkin for the WBA heavyweight belt, it was difficult for me to find the right motivation for my rematch with Afolabi in May last year. However, I believe that I actually won that bout, even though it was scored as a majority draw.

“That won’t happen again. I will win in my own backyard. We won’t be playing cat and mouse anymore. This will be a war –

“I won’t be holding back.”

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