Power punching Danny Jacobs ‘back as a contender’ with bruising TKO over Chris Fitzpatrick

2 Dec

Alan Dawson – London

Come-backing middleweight Daniel Jacobs boosted his ledger to 24-1-0, 21ko on Saturday, December 1 as the 25-year-old slayed Chris Fitzpatrick in a crushing manner. Just 19 months ago, Jacobs could not even walk as he began a recovery from cancer surgery. Fast forward to this evening and the American – who fought at Madison Square Garden, New York – hounded Fitzpatrick, following his every step, using his legs but mostly his fists, pumping leather gloves into his opponent’s face with such force that Fitzpatrick refused to answer the bell to start the sixth round…

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
9 9 9 9 8

10 10 10
10 10

Official verdict: Jacobs wins via 5th Rd TKO.

“I’m satisfied… I let my hands go, you heard the oohs and aahs from this beautiful crowd,” said Jacobs to Showtime: World Championship Boxing after the announcement of his victory was made. “Next time, I want more rounds. I’m back as a contender. I think I’m back. Let’s go… Brooklyn in February. What do you think?”

Jacobs began the bout by backing Fitzpatrick up in the introductory round. The first kept his opponent at bay and, when he doubled and/or trebled the jab, it pushed Fitzpatrick onto the back-foot. In the second, the pair exchanged hooks. Jacobs was able to land his as his first-choice power shot while maintaining enough defensive awareness to evade Fitzpatrick’s attempt to catch Danny with a wide one.

In the third round, Jacobs cut Fitzpatrick up. Sensing trepidation in his opponent, Jacobs began a physical assault that was heavy on punch cumulation against the ropes. Jacobs’ power was telling… when Fitzpatrick employed a stubborn high guard, Jacobs simply split the arms by punching through them. Jacobs finished the round impressively, with 54 percent of his power punches landing on his opponent.

Fitzpatrick looked most dangerous when he was closing the distance but all too often found himself in the spaces of the ring that were most dangerous for him… where Jacobs was most threatening; when Fitzpatrick was backed against the ropes and absorbing a torrent of shots. This happened throughout the first half of the contest.

And, in the fifth, Jacobs beat the Irish Ghost around the ring’s periphery with such an unrelenting pressure that the Cleveland fighter refused to get off his stool after five rounds, prompting the referee to reward Danny with a technical knockout triumph.

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