David Price stops Matt Skelton in 2nd round beating

30 Nov

Alan Dawson – London

Colossal-sized British heavyweight David Price, 29, enhanced his unblemished record to 15-0-0, 13ko on Friday, November 30 at Aintree Equestrian Centre in Liverpool as the British and Commonwealth title holder knocked Matt Skelton down and out in swift fashion. Skelton put it on him during brief moments but, when Price flurried, his fists looked fast and powerful.

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
10 10

9 8

Official verdict: Price by way of 2nd Rd KO.

Within moments of the opening bell, Matt Skelton (28-7-0, 23ko) enjoyed something rare. He had David Price against the ropes and snapped his neck back twice with short-range punching. In the same minute, after Price attempted to occupy the middle of the ring, it happened again. And again.

Eventually, Price settled into his groove, operated behind his range-finding jab and followed up with his signature shot – a dynamite overhand right. The longer the round wore on, the more it became clear it was Price’s stanza… barring the first minute, it was he who controlled the pace, the distance and forced Skelton to taste a sample of his power.

Round two initially lacked activity largely because of the challenger’s style. It was not pretty and hasn’t been in his preceding outings, but it has proved effective on a respectable level. The notable action included an uppercut that was thrown well by Price but handled even better by Skelton. The veteran managed to maneuvre out of a mid-round flurry but a later unrelenting bombardment proved a cul de sac for Skelton.

Price pounded away at Skelton’s ribs, shellacking his midsection before the challenger crumpled to the canvas. His corner threw in the towel yet the referee had his back to the blue corner and started counting… all the way up to ten. Skelton was kayoed, Price triumphant and an undefeated knockout-winning run continued.

Commenting on the initial attack from Skelton, Price said to Box Nation: “Matt put it on me straight away, we didn’t expect that.” He added: “It was a bit scrappy at times. I made a statement by taking him out in two rounds. I’ve done a professional job I think.”

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