Anselmo Moreno increases 118lb reign by retiring David de la Mora with straight shots and defensive skill

22 Apr

Robert Delgado – Los Angeles

Anselmo Moreno made a tenth successful defence of his ‘Super’ WBA bantamweight world championship at the expense of an uninspired David de la Mora at the Don Haskins Convention Center in El Paso, Texas on Saturday, April 21. Moreno’s peerless style confounded de la Mora, who failed to change his approach and succumbed to two knockdowns prior to retiring in the ninth round. In total, Moreno’s success rate was an astonishing 52 percent.

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Delgado’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

de la Mora
9 8 9
9 9 8 9 9

Official verdict: Moreno by way of ninth round RTD.

A defensive wizard and a master at keeping himself out of harm’s way, evasive maneuverer Anselmo Moreno boxed positively in the opener, loading up on body jabs, straight left hands a and counter-attacks. Following his past victory over Vic Darchinyan, Moreno attracted analogies to Pernell Whitaker due to his defensive acumen and that attribute was highlighted in the opening stanza as de la Mora was restricted to landing just one shot out of 21 thrown.

In round two, Moreno was in complete control, even going so far as to hurt de la Mora with a hook shot to the temple which forced de la Mora to take a knee, followed by a punishing body blow. Showing dangerous signs he was capitulating, de la Mora was backed into a neutral corner midway through round three as Moreno peppered him with shots. In the blink of an eye, de la Mora flipped Moreno and became the aggressor, bombarding Moreno with an accumulation of shots. Moments later, de la Mora punched Moreno through the ropes but, on hindsight, it appeared to be more of a push as Moreno was dipping under a punch and was thus no knockdown.

In the second quarter of the 12 round championship contest, de la Mora’s game-plan was too predictable as he did not adapt in his attempt to negate Moreno’s impenetrable boxing style. De la Mora was also all too often trapped against the ropes, which was precisely where he needed to stick his opponent and not loiter there himself. De la Mora was also regarded, pre-fight, to be the likely attacker but it was Moreno was out-landing the challenger by a ratio of 3:1. Into the sixth, Moreno scored his second knockdown of the night with a right hook to the jaw and left straight to the solar plexus combination. This, after almost twisting his ankle or knee falling over de la Mora’s leg.

Moreno was boxing with a greater confidence in round seven and round eight in particular as it dawned on him, against de la Mora, who he could just do what he wanted. The last meaningful punch scored was a big time left that thudded into de la Mora’s skull. The shut out was so convincing that de la Mora realised there was no coming back for him, withdrew from combat and so, with only ten seconds of round nine completed… Moreno had retired his man.

“I won this fight because of the work the team and I did in Panama,” said Moreno to Showtime after the official announcement of his victory. He then added that his career is in the hands of his management, whether they think a stylistically mouth-watering match-up with Nonito Donaire could be booked at super bantamweight later in the year or early 2013.

“It’s up to my representative who I fight next, if I get Donaire. I also want to see Sergio Martinez versus Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.”

Moreno rose to 33-1-1, 12ko with the win.

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