Anselmo Moreno speaks out on Pernell Whitaker comparison and Nonito Donaire dream fight

18 Apr

Robert Delgado – Los Angeles

Unheralded bantamweight supremo Anselmo Moreno, a 26-year-old Panamanian southpaw, makes a staggering 11th defence of his WBA championship at 118lbs on Saturday, April 21 when he takes on 23-year-old challenger David de la Mora at the Don Haskins Convention Center in El Paso, Texas and, speaking ahead of his fight, Chemito has promised fans to expect a little bit more than the dominance he showed when he defeated Vic Darchinyan.

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Moreno has been elevated to Super champ by the WBA, the belt that will be on the line on Saturday. Credit: Tom Casino

Despite his accomplishments, Moreno (32-1-0, 11ko) only really attracted the international respect he deserved when he quietened the traditionally raucous fist-swinging style of Armenian pressure fighter Vic Darchinyan in December, last year. Moreno had boxed outside of his native Panama before, but never in the US and, at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, Moreno’s performance was so technically pure that it drew instant comparisons to defensive wizard Pernell Whitaker.

Commenting on the analogy, modest Moreno stated: “I’ve been told that, not only Whitaker, but also many past fighters from Panama. I’m proud and honored, but this is a style that I was born with.” He added by remarking that his unique abilities were a product of the environment he grew up in: “I was born in the streets and fought in the streets and I learned there.

“The fight against Darchinyan was my first fight in the United States, so I was a little more reserved. There was a lot of talk from people that it was a dangerous fight, that I was in over my head and that he was going to run me over, but I was never worried about that. I was always very confident about my skills.

“Once I stepped in the ring, I was very comfortable and I was confident I could outbox him and beat him clearly. Now I’m very excited to be fighting in the United States again and you’ll see a little bit of difference,” he promised. “I’m going to be the same boxer style-wise, but you’ll see a little bit more. I’m very anxious to get in the ring, please the crowd and defend my title again.”

Moreno is hoping his second US appearance will help bolster his ambition of getting matched with rising pound-for-pound Filipino Flash; Nonito Donaire: “That is a dream of mine. I’ve been dreaming about it, thinking about it and that is something I look forward to. [I want to] work my way up to 122 pounds and fighting Nonito Donaire is definitely something that I have on my mind.”

Moreno takes on de la Mora (24-1-0, 17ko) as the chief support on a card that showcases some of the best the lighter weight classes has to offer as, in the main event, Abner Mares and Eric Morel tussle for the vacant WBC super bantamweight world championship.

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