Floyd Mayweather Jr: Miguel Cotto ‘is a quiet killer’

12 Apr

Denzil Stone – Atlantic City

Undefeated five-weight world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr, 35, is heading into his May 5 super welterweight title challenge versus ‘Super’ WBA incumbent Miguel Cotto as the bookmakers’ favourite, but the American pay-per-view draw insists the 31-year-old champion’s pair of losses are questionable, that he views the Puerto Rican to be unbeaten and is wary of the threat posed by his opponent as he labels Cotto a “quiet killer“.

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Challenger Mayweather with Cotto and the highest honour at the WBA. Credit: Hogan Photos

Amongst Cotto’s list of assassinations are Antonio Margarito, Shane Mosley, Zab Judah, Carlos Quintana, Paul Malignaggi and Kelson Pinto in what is a veritable list of significant players between 140 and 154lbs and, in the case of both the first and last, a vengeance mission over an erstwhile loss suffered in either the professional game or amateur circuit.

It is the professional defeats – an 11th round teekayo to Margarito in 2008 and 12th round stoppage to Manny Pacquiao in 2009 – that Mayweather refuses to recognise due to the circumstances they were competed in. For both encounters, Floyd believes the opponents had an unfair edge in an allusion to the claim that Margarito fought with gloves loaded with Plaster of Paris-like substances, and the catchweight handicap that the Pacquiao camp insisted upon.

Speaking on the HBO: Face Off promotional accompaniment to the MGM Grand Garden Arena showdown next month, Mayweather (42-0-0, 26ko) acknowledged Cotto’s achievements in a sport he himself dedicated his life to. Wary of the power Cotto (37-2-0, 30ko) possesses, combined with his personality, he dubbed Miguel the quiet killer.

(Video embedded above credit – YouTube, HBOsports)

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