Fight Photos: Sergio Martinez cut up Mack the Knife’s face, Matthew Macklin claims he wanted to continue

20 Mar

Words: Petra Kirsch – Gelsenkirchen

Photos: Damien Acevedo

Matthew Macklin gave a good account of himself during his second world title shot on Saturday, March 17 inside the Theatre at Madison Square Garden, New York City as he perplexed lineal middleweight champion Sergio Martinez during the initial swordsmanship, however, his ability to force the unorthodox Argentine to touch the canvas with his glove proved to be his own undoing as it spurred Sergio on until an 11th round battering prompted Buddy McGirt to pull his prizefighter out of the contest – much to Macklin’s post-fight protest.

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Macklin had the fans at the Garden in his hand and absorbed the reception from ring-walk to fight time

Macklin got off to a good start and boxed with good activity in the first half of the fight

“My straight right hand to the chest was a punch that was working for me,” said Macklin (28-4-0, 19ko) after the fight. “It was hard for him to nail me,” he added, before implying that Martinez under-estimated his challenger: “He didn’t think I could box smart.”

Martinez, who took control of the contest from round seven onwards, saw his record jump up to 49-2-2, 28ko once he had dispatched of the game Irishman. Of his necessity to come-from-behind to snatch victory, he said: “It was a complicated fight.

“He wasn’t open on defense. I knew it was a 12-round fight. I knew that it was only a matter of time. It’s like chopping a tree – little by little – and I knew he would fall.”

Martinez successfully axed Macklin to the canvas for the first and second time in round 11, the last stanza of the contest

Macklin fought with heart and courage, was marked and cut for his efforts and was withdrawn by trainer McGirt

“Buddy stopped the fight, I wanted to continue,” Mack the Knife explained post-fight. “[Macklin’s co-promoter] Brian Peters said, ‘We called it in the corner. There are more days.’ I worked with Buddy on technical things. He polished me but I resorted back in the last two or three rounds. We only had ten weeks working together [since training together] to fight the best middleweight in the world.”

Lineal champion Martinez celebrating victory in what is now a familiar pose

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