Sergio Martinez rises from the deck to drop Matthew Macklin twice, wins late knockout

18 Mar

Denzil Stone – Atlantic City

Sergio Martinez secured his second successive 11th round knockout as, following on from his Darren Barker stoppage last year, the lineal middleweight champion of the world rose from a flash knockdown to score two of his own before his challenger Matthew Macklin‘s corner pulled their fighter out of the bout. Macklin was game, but it was no St Patrick’s Day parade for the Irishman who was defeated inside New York City’s Madison Square Garden, on March 17.

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Stone’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
10 10 9 9 9 10 8 10 10 10
9 9 10
10 10 9 10 9 9 9 7

Official verdict: Martinez by 11th round technical knockout win.

Martinez got off to a fast start, showing fantastic speed and athleticism that belied his 37-years. Martinez right hooked Macklin, landed punches from unorthodox angles and the Irish challenger’s face – particularly the brow – was left marked by the end of the opening stanza.

In the second, Martinez zipped around the outside of the ring, darting in and out from the pocket as he attempted to goad Macklin into committing power shots that he could counter. Midway through the round, a piercing chin-bound straight left hand backed Macklin into the ropes, begging the question if the ropes were not there, would he have been knocked down? The answer, may have been no, as Mack The Knife boxed with composure and clear eyes.

Macklin, in the third round, adhered to a tactic high on work-rate, out-throwing Martinez on a near 2:1 basis. And, in the fourth, he began in great fashion, connecting with a powerful right hand before maneuvering away from the danger zone in order to remain unscathed. Martinez, like he had done in the first round, caught Macklin with a shot so clean, so damaging, that it was heard thudding around the Garden, however, the challenger finished the round by landing a big right hand.

The fifth round was typified by the straight right hands from the starboard fighter, confounding Martinez, who lines up on the portside. Often regarded to be the southpaw’s nemesis, the straight right was one used by Macklin numerous times in round five and on three occasions the punch did serious damage. In order to offset Macklin’s effective aggression, Martinez jabbed more often in round six and it was an alteration that paid dividends.

Throughout round seven, Martinez was throwing and landing punches in far greater numbers than Macklin but, just when it seemed he had a 10-9 round in the bag, Macklin landed a right hand that forced the Argentine slickster off-balance, sending him tumbling over Matthew’s foot and forcing him to touch the canvas with his glove. The referee sent Macklin to a neutral corner and began counting in Martinez’s face, much to the champion’s chagrin.

While Martinez almost capitulated in round seven, relinquishing two points to Macklin’s scorecard, he was able to level the scores back in rounds eight and nine, the latter of which he was in full swing, throwing combinations of punches and showing tremendous speed – things Macklin was unable to keep pace with. While the straight right proved to be Macklin’s mate in the early rounds, the straight left was undeniably Sergio’s best shot during the contest’s middle stages.

Sergio Martinez saved his best till last, spurred on by the knockdown, fighting in form during the championship rounds, shooting from the hip and opening up a bloody cut above his opponent’s left eye. With a clearly bruised eye, blood splattered over his face like a Jackson Pollock, Martinez struck Macklin with yet another chin-bound straight left but this time, the game Irishman couldn’t stand up to it and collapsed onto his knees.

He managed to get to his feet, but after an unrelenting rally, Macklin ended up tasting the deck once more. He made it to his feet, beat the count, after the bell signalled the end of the round, but trainer Buddy McGirt called the contest off and thus awarded Martinez with another late knockout victory.

With the come-from-behind win, Martinez showed a champion’s instinct and moved to 49-2-2, 28ko, dropping his opponent to 28-4-0, 19ko.

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