British champ Ashley Theophane on Mayweather Gym experience, watching Floyd spar and training with Roger

15 Mar

Ashley Theophane – Las Vegas

Floyd Mayweather is currently the biggest name in boxing and he is in camp to train for his mega fight with Miguel Cotto. Something inside of me said I needed to go to the Mayweather boxing gym in Las Vegas, to watch the master at work and see if I could get some tips to add to my personal arsenal. Not everyone gets the opportunity to train at the most select of boxing schools and, on my first day, I worked with Roger Mayweather and got to watch Floyd spar.

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A thirst for the highest boxing education quenched by wanderlust and commitment

He did five minute rounds with minimal rest. He finished up his sparring session to go and pound the heavy bag; he then immediately jumped back in the ring to hit pads with his trainer and uncle, Roger Mayweather. He then finished up with some abdominal work – outstanding!

50 Cent was in the building watching his friend workout. I was one of the very few who were allowed to stay and watch the pound for pound king work out.

It was an honour to watch him at work. I had a ringside seat; he was entertaining, and every move was educational to watch. Watching him at close quarters, he oozed confidence and self-belief. These are two things that a champion must have. After finishing his workout, Floyd was talking with his family and he noticed me. He asked me what weight (super lightweight/140lbs) and record (31-4-1, 9ko) were. When he heard my London accent, he asked where I was I from. Floyd said he would spar with me and test my skills.

That was my first day in the Mayweather gym and I couldn’t have asked for a better first day. I again worked with Roger Mayweather on my second day in the gym. It was an honour to work with him and for him to give up his time was very much appreciated.

To be the best you have to learn from the best, and I’ve sparred, fought and watched some of the best boxers of my generation. I completed twenty seven hours training this week. Being in Las Vegas is the last place I would have ever thought to come for training camp, but just like when I’m in New York… it is a gym and home. Home in Vegas is the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino Hotel.

I have just one more week’s training at the Mayweather Gym, and every day that I’m in the gym, I push as hard as possible. Training in the pound for pound king’s gym is a real inspiration and motivating in itself. Many people say that I am very lucky to be living my childhood dream. I have to disagree! I had to make this happen. Luck had nothing to do with it. I have a goal and I work my hardest to make my dream a reality, at all costs.

As the man says, “the harder you work, the luckier you get”. Anything is possible to achieve if you believe and work hard towards making it happen. I am the perfect example of that! An exciting and instructive week, topped off by seeing the best fighter in the world at very close quarters.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

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