Fight Photos: Repeat for Orlando Salido who knocks Juan Manuel Lopez out a second time in Puerto Rico

13 Mar

Robert Delgado – Los Angeles

Battle-hardened Orlando Salido packed his bags and took his coveted WBO world championship at featherweight into enemy territory when he took on power punching challenger Juan Manuel Lopez on Saturday, March 10, but Siri left the Coliseo Roberto Clemente in San Juan, Puerto Rico with the belt still around his waist as, like he did in his first encounter with JuanMa, he dismantled the slugger away from home and won by way of stoppage in a 126lb thriller.

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Salido negated Lopez's southpaw stance and tagged him with lefts as well as trademark rights. Credit: Peter Amador/Top Rank

Orlando got his first and only knockdown of the night in the tenth, due to a crisp left hook. Credit: Amanda Kwok/Showtime

Delgado’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
9 10 10 10 8 10 10 10 9 10

10 9 9
10 10 9 9 9 10 8

Lopez down and nearly out. Credit: Amanda Kwok/Showtime

Official verdict: Salido by way of tenth round TKO.

“He hit me hard but I could still continue,” said Lopez (31-2-0, 28ko), who was stopped on his feet for the second time running in his fight series with Salido. “I was dominating the fight,” he added. “It was a tough fight, but I was winning.” Such sentiment was shared by two of the ringside judges who scored a contest in Lopez’s favour, however, the fight fans in attendance, those calling the shots on television and armchair fans from around the world witnessed combat that Salido had gained an edge in.

The opening stanzas were marked by Lopez’s boxing. Known for his desire to trade, Lopez had mentioned pre-fight that he had taken heed of his mistakes in last year’s bout and that instead of going toe-to-toe with Salido, he would box him instead. Against Orlando’s unrelenting pressure, the styles meshed well in a fight that, whilst initially slow-burning, always maintained the threat of one that could quickly transform into a an all-action slobberknocker.

The 2011 fight of the year nominee showed that Salido could hold up to the strength, power and might of JuanMa, yet the same could not be said of Lopez standing up to Orlando’s heavy hands and, true to that story, the 2012 contest showed Salido doing damage with his bombs. Salido believed he had his man hurt in the fifth and when he looked to score a knockdown, Lopez fired back with a short-range hooking left that caught the proud Mexican by surprise and he lost his legs and succumbed to a knockdown.

Whilst the electric nature of round eight roused the crowd onto their feet, it was round nine that will be mentioned as having early potential to snatch annual awards as three minutes of brutal exchanges ensued. Salido, who had begun to bear the wounds of battle as he experienced swelling, fought through any pain barrier by showing a true champion’s instinct as he put his punches into bunches and canvassed Lopez. JuanMa made the count but appeared groggy and disorientated, forcing the referee – Roberto Ramirez Sr – to end the contest.

Salido dug deep, rallied after suffering his own knockdown to inflict his own unto JuanMa. Credit: Peter Amador/Top Rank

“This is how I planned this fight,” said the winner, Salido, who rose to 38-11-2, 26ko. “I knew it was going to be a very tough fight. We both competed punch for punch. I’m just lucky he’s the one that fell.

“This was a classic in the long rivalry between Mexican and Puerto Rican fighters,” he added, in a fitting concluding remark.

Salido celebrated another career highlight and now wants another fight with Lopez. Credit: Amanda Kwok/Showtime

The wounds of war (note the fierce swellings under the eyes) are offset by the spoils. Credit: Amanda Kwok/Showtime

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