Lopez declares war on Salido but Orlando is confident of repeat victory against JuanMa

9 Mar

Robert Delgado – Los Angeles

Orlando Salido (37-11-2, 25ko) defends his WBO featherweight world championship on Saturday, March 10 in his opponent, Juan Manuel Lopez‘s backyard inside the hostile Coliseo Roberto Clemente in the San Juan region of Puerto Rico. The Mexican, however, is unperturbed at the prospect of re-entering the lion’s den as he is buoyed from his 2011 upset victory over JuanMa (31-1-0, 28ko).

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Salido cradles his title at 126lbs, a belt formerly worn by Lopez. Credit: Peter Amador/Top Rank

Aside from rounds three and seven, Salido was dominant over the course of eight rounds during his first meeting with Lopez at the Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez, Bayamon, last year. Salido’s authority was underlined with the seeming ease in which he was able to work his way around Lopez’s portside posturing and land his overhand right – a southpaw’s nemesis punch.

It was perhaps Lopez’s desire to enhance his extraordinary knockout percentage that backfired. He was dropped in the fifth and stopped on his feet in the eighth and, when the rematch was announced, the 28-year-old spoke of the first fight as a learning curve and declared his intention to box Salido. However, that tactic may have fallen by the wayside as he now wants to go to war.

If the do-over mirrored the first duel then Salido would be favoured to repeat his victory. He said: “Entering the first fight, I had some doubts but now I have beaten JuanMa, I know I can beat him again. I am 1,000 percent sure I can win. I’ve been in the gym preparing and I know what to expect.”

Despite earning champion status and making two successful defences of the belt (against Kenichi Yamaguchi and Weng Haya), Salido still believes he “has something to prove.” He added: “In the ring, we have a score to settle.”

Lopez v Salido II is one of the most anticipated bouts of the year. Credit: Peter Amador/Top Rank

Addressing his rival, JuanMa riposted: “Orlando, you had a good night last year – but I want my title back. I let you wear the belt for 11 months but I’m bringing it back to where it belongs on Saturday.

“I have had a great preparation for this fight and I’m very confident. I never gave excuses about my last fight with Salido. He won. He knocked me out, fine. I don’t make excuses; I fight. If the ref didn’t stop the fight when he did last time, I’d still be fighting.”

Will Lopez be able to defend himself from Salido's accurate right hand? Amanda Kwok/Showtime

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