Leonard Ellerbe credits Al Haymon, Roger Mayweather and lauds Floyd Mayweather as the best in the world

29 Feb

Denzil Stone – Atlantic City

Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, foresees no difficulty in premier prizefighter Floyd Mayweather Jr (42-0-0, 26ko) extending his undefeated streak in professional boxing to 43 fights come May 5 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas as he believes his ward will show opponent Miguel Cotto – the reigning Super WBA super welterweight world champion – precisely why he is the best pugilist in modern boxing. Ellerbe also hailed Mayweather’s trainer Roger Mayweather as well as his own business partner, the enigmatic Al Haymon.

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Ellerbe is a trusted aide to Money May. Credit: Stacey Verbeek - Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

“I want to thank my business partner who is here, hiding somewhere… he always behind the scenes; Al Haymon,” said Ellerbe whilst standing at the podium of a New York press conference today, Tuesday, stating a line that has been said before, mainly by fighters.

While the sight of Sam Watson and his two sons may be a prominent one in the ring during pre and post fight formalities (even as recent as Adrien Broner’s dismantling of Eloy Perez last weekend on February 25), the brains behind the face of Al Haymon Productions remains inconspicuous. Between Haymon and Watson, they act as adviser and friend to a number of elite boxers such as Mayweather, Andre Berto, Paul Williams, Chris Arreola, Rico Ramos, Danny Jacobs, Antonio Tarver and Vernon Forrest.

Haymon is regarded to be one of the most powerful men in the sport, he is loved by his clients, yet he is a virtual unknown to fight fans. Rarely does he grant interviews, even rarer is a photograph of him.

Praising Mayweather’s inner circle, Ellerbe continued: “Al Haymon is the best in the business.

“Behind every great fighter is always a great trainer and I want to acknowledge… he’s, in my eyes, one of the best trainers; [it’s] Roger Mayweather himself,” added Ellerbe, noting Roger’s contribution to the sustained success Mayweather has enjoyed career-wise, coupled with the adaptation of Floyd’s ring style (from a boxer-mover to one who is more inclined to stand, dispatch shots and block those incoming) whilst not compromising the fighter’s dominance.

“When it comes to greatness in the ring, Floyd Mayweather epitomises that to the tee. When it comes to Money… they call him Money Mayweather. He’s broken all the records, he has the highest pay-per-view average and, in the past year, he has become the highest paid athlete in all of sports – all of sports!

“He’s a seven time world champion, in five different weight classes, he’s the best fighter in the whole world. And, come May 5, he will show Miguel Cotto why he is the best and still the best.”

Cotto was a man of fewer words… the succinct Puerto Rican, a popular prizefighter and guaranteed ticket-seller in New York, said: “It will be one of the biggest fights you will ever see and I will make Puerto Rican fans proud.”

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