Dereck Chisora banned indefinitely by the WBC over actions before, during and after Vitali Klitschko challenge

29 Feb


Jose Sulaiman, president of the WBC, has followed strictly all the actions related to the misconduct of Derek Chisora, considered one of the worst behaviors ever by a professional boxer, and we stand strongly with the BBBoC and the BDB to resolve this case immediately. The WBC is absolutely condemning behaviors that are not to be accepted in boxing and will act as soon as it can proceed to impose the fines and sanctions as we consider necessary.

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The slap heard around the world! Chisora's palm strike on Vitali quickly went viral

The WBC is imposing a serious fine to be finally determined after the hearing to be held under the supervision of our counsel representative attorney Stephen Beverly, the WBC will also take off from the WBC rankings, the name of Derek Chisora and declare an indefinite suspension against fighting again for a WBC title, while demanding Chisora to take an anger management medical treatment after which his suspension will be reconsidered.

Boxing has won through the years an outstanding position in the world of sports and is liked by a President as well as by a shoe shine boy; the WBC has devoted at least 35 years for safety and boxing is today a sport that had only one fatal accident in minor boxing, that has overturned the past; boxers are gentlemen and show to the world an example of honour and fair play when after a tremendous battle, they go to the centre of the ring to pay respect to each other.

Derek Chisora is not going to tarnish the sport for those born in the humblest beds, who become sports heroes of the world to live a life of dignity and pride. Chisora, however, as a human being that he is, is going to be strongly invited to enter an anger management rehabilitating program that hopefully will act in his benefit.

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