Brave, bold and brash Dereck Chisora rattles Klitschko, but Vitali gains deserved decision

18 Feb

Alan Dawson – London

Dereck Chisora‘s boxing stock rose at the Olympiahalle in Munich, Germany on Saturday, February 18 as, even though he was convincingly decisioned by Vitali Klitschko, his effort was courageous and commendable. Klitschko owned the opening half of the fight, but Chisora unsettled the champion between rounds six to eight based on pure pressure. Klitschko, though, closed the show and goes home with the WBC heavyweight world title.

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
10 10 10 10 10 9 9 9 10 10
10 10
9 9 9
9 9 10 10 10 9 9 9 9

Official verdict: Klitschko wins unanimous decision.

Dressed in regal medieval clobber, Dereck ‘Del Boy’ Chisora received a villain’s welcome by the ever-loyal and pro-Vitali crowd in Germany (enhanced further by the notorious weigh-in slap). Introduced by Michael Buffer and LL Cool J’s classic rap hit Mama Said Knock You Out, Chisora slowly walked to the ring with his trademark do-rag covering his mouth. When he got to the turnbuckle, he turned to brazenly face the boos one last time before entering the ring.

There was fierce gamesmanship in the hour that preceded the introductions as Wladimir Klitschko, who had been nominated to witness the hand-wrapping, was refused admission into Chisora’s dressing room amid fierce opposition as to how Dean Powell was applying tape on Dereck’s fists… it even got to the stage where Chisora explained he would not fight if Powell was not allowed to wrap his hands as he had done throughout their professional relationship.

Considering the psychology involved, there was a question of whether Vitali would make Chisora wait in the ring but Klitschko’s ring-walk was not protracted at all and was surprisingly short. Not content with ruffling Vitali’s feathers, Chisora, just moments before the two fighters were left alone in the ring with the referee, spat water all over Wladimir’s face in an act that left the younger Klitschko sibling unamused… clearly the Londoner was doing all he could to stir up trouble at the Olympiahalle.

It took less than a round for that trouble to come back to haunt him as, even though Chisora boxed small, Klitschko landed one of his trademark right hands the momentarily shook the challenger. Chisora fought predominantly on the front-foot while Vitali, in stark contrast to how he boxed in his most recent outing against Tomasz Adamek, boxed backwards while peppering Chisora with head-shots.

Chisora led with his jab in the second round, taking a fight to Klitschko who was unaccustomed to such pace and desire as Del Boy, who was built like a bison, was – after five minutes of fisticuffs, unfazed about Vitali’s power, however, in the stanza’s final minute, Klitschko landed two big shots, the most damaging being the right hand pounding the temple.

A known admirer of Joe Frazier, Chisora was expected to apply more head movement against one of the heaviest hitters at heavyweight, but in the second, he absorbed far too many clean punches. In the third round, though, Chisora applied more of an orthodox guard which provided a suitable shield to Vitali’s one-two-three combo.  In the second minute of the third, Chisora attempted to hook around the side and land on Klitschko’s cheek but still the Englishman was yet to land flush.

Despite lagging on the scorecards, Chisora did have his moments, he dispatched left hooks, refused to take a step back, threw multiple shots and worked hard to control the ring and, even though Klitschko relinquished the centre of the ring to Del Boy, it was the Ukrainian who controlled the fight in general as he landed at will from mid-range to the outside while circling Chisora. The pressure Chisora was maintaining, therefore, ensured that a 40-year-old prizefighter would always have to use his legs, but even though he was making Vitali move, he was eating too many right hands as a result.

When Chisora had gotten into the inside area, where he wanted to operate, Vitali would tie up and Dereck would hook a fist into the midsection and, in the sixth round, Chisora enjoyed one of his better spells where he connected with his hooks, landed huge overhand rights and, with a minute left on the round clock, a right cross and a few more body blows to boot.

The success Chisora had in the sixth continued into the seventh as the punches he was throwing were, unlike what had transpired for him early on, were landing while Klitschko, whose fortunes suffered in the contest’s midway stage, appeared discombobulated. Even in the eighth, it seemed like Klitschko’s shotting was mainly arm-punches and he lacked the clean accuracy he had during the opening – and one-sided – swordsmanship.

During the championship rounds, Vitali relocated his rhythm. Chisora occasionally scored with the overhand right, as well as the hook punches, but the judges gaze will no doubt have been drawn to the Klitschko flow. In the final round, Klitschko kept Chisora offof him with his jab, but Chisora instead began loading up on power. To negate the heavier leather, Vitali clinched and resorted to spoiling tactics.

Chisora successfully polarised opinion with his pre-fight antics, but, taking into account his actual boxing, it is hard not to be enthralled by his sheer courage, the phenomenal punch resistance, the pressure and his tactics. By the same token, Vitali too deserves credit for overseeing the challenge and retaining possession of the WBC championship belt for the eighth time in his third reign as a world titlist in the heavyweight division.

With the win, Vitali rose to 44-2-0, 40ko while Chisora dropped down to 15-3-0, 9ko, however, a fight between Chisora and Wladimir gathered momentum as the latter exchanged volatile words with the former when the fight was over…

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