Undefeated lightweight novice Billy Morgan oversees Dan Naylor in debut six rounder

10 Feb

Alan Dawson – London

Billy Morgan, a product of the ever-productive conveyor belt of London’s boxing talent – the TRAD TKO gym, outboxed Dan Naylor at the home of British boxing; York Hall in Bethnal Green on Friday, February 10. Morgan appeared to fade in the final round as Naylor’s greater endurance took hold but it was Morgan who produced sterling work in all the rounds prior.

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
9 9 9 9 9 10

10 10 10
10 10 9

Official verdict: Morgan wins referee’s decision (60-55).

For a novice prizefighter, Billy Morgan has been matched with journeymen of a remarkably high calibre… Sid Razak and Robin Deakin are renowned for their durability and their ability to put prospects in check. Morgan, though, like he had done in all five of his fights prior to Naylor, did not even lose a round as he coasted to victory.

In the first stanza with Naylor, that winning run continued as he owned the role of ring general, showed a boxing nous that belied his relative inexperience and his flurrying completely perturbed his opponent when the going got tough. In the second, Naylor employed an earmuff guard yet Morgan picked his shots wisely, crunching left hands onto the jaw, right cross shots onto the chin and jabs into the nose.

An accurate three-punch combo landed with aplomb in the third as Morgan continued to assert his authority. Morgan, very much an East End lad as he was born and raised in nearby Canning Town; the home of the famous TRAD TKO gym, varied his attack as Naylor was forced to defend shots in swift succession from the head to body.

Naylor, as trial-horses go, was not from the school of those whom box to survive, to make their opponent struggle… instead, he wanted to fight yet this worked against him as he was overwhelmed in corners and trapped against the ropes. In the final moments of the fourth round, Morgan forced him into the red corner and unleashed power shots: overhand rights from long-range, point-blank left hands and precise chin-bound uppercuts all scored in a well-timed flurry.

In the final rounds, Naylor – the fitter of the two as Morgan had never fought beyond four rounds – upped his tempo and it became a pace Morgan was uncomfortable with, failing to match Naylor punch for punch, compromising his own defence and even suffered a cut around his eye that wept mildly until the contest’s end, however, that lag in the sixth did not offset four to five thoroughly dominating stanzas as Morgan got the official win.

“I don’t think I let the fight slip, but I was concentrating on the right hand too much,” said Morgan, explaining the loss to BoxNation after the referee, Richard James Davies, gave him the nod,

Morgan’s strength, conditioner and assistant second, Mark Tibbs, said: “He changed tactics himself, which shows a good thinking fighter. The other guy was walking off with his shots so Billy tried to bring him in. This is welcome to boxing now!”

“I’m 21 so I’ve got some learning to do! It’s learning, y’know, it’s learning,” Morgan added.

“Billy, you boxed fantastically smart,” Tibbs said to his fighter. “You got a cut – it’s the fight game, mate.”

With the win, Morgan extended his record to 6-0-0, 0ko.

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