Kevin Mitchell eases past Felix Lora, calls on Ricky Burns to get their world title fight on

10 Feb

Alan Dawson – London

Boxing in a professional and – aside from a blip in the fifth – a disciplined manner, Kevin Mitchell secured a well-deserved ten round points victory over game lightweight adversary Felix Lora. At London’s York Hall venue in Bethnal Green on Friday, February 10, Mitchell worked the jab, patiently waited to unleash the power shots and landed accurately, all while frustrating Felix due to his consistent avoidance of the Spain-based boxer’s shots.

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
9 8 9 9 10 9 9 9 9 9

10 10 10
10 9 10 10 10 10 10

Official verdict: Mitchell wins a 98-92 points decision.

Following another lengthy absence from the ring, Kevin ‘The Mighty’ Mitchell returned like he had never left. With a raucous noise filling the intimate and grimy York Hall, the East End favourite produced a masterclass in hit and don’t get hit as he struck Lora with heavy artillery while remaining a thoroughly evasive target. The footwork was impressive, the speed of hand proved problematic for his opponent and he scored with left hooks to the face, incredibly accurate jabbing and heavy right hands.

Lora’s work, in comparison to the Dagenham Destroyer, seemed wild and written from a script the Londoner had previously read from as he used upper body movement and foot movement to peel himself away from the Dominican’s fists. Mitchell’s pure boxing strategy paid near instant dividends as Lora was dropped in the second round from a countering left hand that he never saw coming. Lora remained on his knees for the count of eight but swiftly jumped up to continue the contest.

Using the outskirts of the ring, Mitchell’s precision when it came to stepping in and firing a jab or a one-two with an uppercut was in stark contrast to Lora’s inability to land anything meaningful in the fourth. In the fifth, Lora fought with bad intentions… he was angry, loaded up on the haymaking right hands, but still, there was little of note that landed as the home fighter sped away.

A slip on a wet piece of canvas by Mitchell at the end of the fifth seemed to rattle the 27-year-old who appeared loathe to return to the red corner. When the ring bell ended the round, there was a moment of afters as both prizefighters pushed their foreheads into the other. Referee Richard Davies required no second invitation to intervene, though, and pushed Mitchell to the blue corner.

Between rounds, Mitchell had been calmed and, like he was doing in rounds one to four, boxed with more discipline in the sixth. He regained the role of ring general by operating behind his jab that, for Lora, was annoyingly accurate as every time he attempted to throw the wild right, Mitchell would stick a glove in his mouth.

A good listener, Mitchell had been implored by head cornerman Jimmy Tibbs to “jab, jab, jab and the big punch will come”. The big one didn’t in round seven, but the jabbing certainly did as Kevin bloodied the Spain-based fighter’s nose. In rounds eight and nine, Mitchell boxed professionally, with the sort of defensive ability he demonstrated against Breidis Prescott, while landing an astonishingly high number of his jabs.

In the tenth and final round, Lora came out aggressive but settled down in the second minute. When Lora sought to club a right hand over the top, Mitchell eased his way out of the danger zone and into safety. With his back against the ropes, he ducked one, twice, thrice – all successfully – under the swinging fists of Lora. In the final minute, Mitchell turned the tables on Lora by staggering and dazing Lora who was mere moments from collapsing because of the sheer force of the overhand right. However, a clinch managed to restore the senses and Lora was able to last the distance.

“I knew I could have put him out and wanted to show in the tenth that I could do that but I wanted to save myself for the Burns fight,” Mitchell commented after the announcement of his win. Speaking to BoxNation and after it was revealed he would make an appearance on the George Groves v Kenny Anderson undercard on March 16, Mitchell then sent a message to 135lb rival and current WBO lightweight world championship incumbent; Ricky Burns: “Let’s get it on, champ!”

Mitchell’s trainer Jimmy Tibbs was elated to see his ward get the rounds in. He said: “Obviously I’m very pleased with the ten rounds, he boxed to orders, he got him down in the second round… he let him back in the fight just because he wanted to. That’s Kevin.”

With the win, Mitchell moved to 33-1-0, 24ko.

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