Frank Buglioni beats the showboater out of Ryan Clark, wins four round decision

10 Feb

Alan Dawson – London

Journeyman fighter Ryan Clark attempted to play down Frank Buglioni‘s power by engaging in kidology but it was not long before that was punched out of him as Buglioni, who boxed with power in the opening round, changed gears in the third and had his opponent down at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Friday, February 10. Buglioni sold tickets in their hundreds and next boxes at Wembley Arena on March 16.

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
9 9 8 9

10 10 10

Official verdict: Buglioni wins points decision over four threes.

Popular pugilist Frank Buglioni – an emerging gate attraction having sold 400 tickets for a venue that holds little over 1,000 when he is not even the main event – had already shown that he was heavy-handed during his first two fights, as is evidenced by the early knockouts in each and, against Clark, he peppered the body with heavy Grant leather.

Within the first 30 seconds, Clark’s midsection, as well as the sides of his arms, were fiercely red due to the systematic abuse. But that was the sole notable quality of Clark’s during the swordsmanship in the first – his punch resistance. Buglioni, in contrast, produced power, a mature shot selection, intuitive head movement and was consistently the ring general.

In the second, Clark showboated, raised his arms and goaded Buglioni onto him, claiming he was unhurt… that machismo was pounded out of him by the third as he was canvassed by the burgeoning 22-year-old. When he got to his feet, Buglioni stalked his prey looking for the early finish and Clark resorted to spoiling. Clark, though, recovered and boxed his way out of trouble as he gained success by catching Frank with an uppercut, as well as a succession of overhand rights and a left.

For a big man, Buglioni had good speed, demonstrated in the fourth when he would land a two-punch move, duck and step back before Clark had thrown so he managed to evade the shot completely. Buglioni finished well, never letting up on the tempo and aggression he began the fight with and there was never a question over who’s arm would be raised by the third man in the ring as the prospect won a one-sided referee’s decision .

“It was a great fight, a great learning fight,” Buglioni, who raised the roof with his performance, said to BoxNation. “We thought there was a few shots that could hurt him but I might have got caught up trying to please the crowd. It’s something I’m definitely going to learn from this one. I got hit with those four shots [in the third round], and that’s four too many. I need to keep my head a little more.”

Renowned coach Mark Tibbs, who trains his fighters out of the TRAD TKO gym as well as the Peacock gym in Canning Town, commented: “Frank loves a war! He loves a fight. I still want him to have a war and a fight but I want him to tuck up and roll.

“We don’t take shots like that in training.”

Buglioni, who is now 3-0-0, 2ko, got his pro career off to a storming start with a deuce of first round blowouts but with the four rounds against Clark he will have learned more and also has some things – defence, namely – to go back to Canning Town and work on with Tibbs and father Jimmy Tibbs.

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