‘The New Ricky Hatton’ Ronnie Heffron bloodies Ilie before scoring a body blow kayo

3 Feb

Tommy Barber – London

Fast-rising welterweight prospect Ronnie Heffron, 21, a former amateur standout, beat up, bloodied and battered an overmatched European journeyman Ionut Trandafir Ilie at the Bowler’s Arena in Manchester on Friday, February 3. Heffron won every minute of every round before forcing Ilie to his knees with a tortuous body shot in the fifth round that had been rehearsed in the preceding stanzas.

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Barber’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Trandafir Ilie
9 9 9 9 8

10 10 10
10 10

Official verdict: Heffron sealed victory by way of fifth round knockout.

Despite a turgid guard, Heffron was able to manipulate Trandafir Ilie, bloody him, leave his face a claret-caked mess… all within the first three minutes alone. The fast-rising 147lb prospect – a former ABA champion at light welterweight – dug hurtful right hands into the Romanian’s midsection, powered straight punches into the visiting fighter’s mouth and tormented him with a savvy technique, good accuracy and deceptive power.

Ilie was not a mover which, arguably, could be why he was brought in to be Heffron’s ninth opponent. Heffron is an aesthetically-pleasing pugilist, of that there is little question and, considering he is dubbed by his fanbase as the new Ricky Hatton, it would be a shrewd promotional ploy to play into that and so Ilie, due to his static nature, served as a fighter whom Heffron could shine against and increase the number of supporters he has.

What Ilie did to well, it must be said, was defend. His guard was extremely disciplined but it was not enough to frustrate nor perturb Heffron who went about beating the 27-year-old up in a business-like manner. Right and left hooks to the ribs, hooking lefts to the jaw, overhands to the cheekbone all scored for Heffron, however, when he landed a swift combination, he occasionally was hit with one or two from Ilie, yet it was never enough for the latter to box his way back into contention.

The knockdown in round five was a product of what had been manufactured in all the previous rounds… it was a result of the accumulative effect of continuous body blows and the final one, a horrific left hook to the rear of the ribs, felled Ilie who looked to his corner and stayed on his knees, completely defeated, for the whole count.

What was particularly impressive about Heffron’s display, was not just his abilities – his status as one to watch had been announced in 2010 – but it was the fact he resoundingly beat and stopped a European club fighter who was accustomed to taking shots and hearing the final bell. Against Heffron, Ilie was downed, unable – or unwilling – to get up. Heffron is still only 21-years-old, he can still improve, so he is certainly one to watch this coming year.

Speaking to BoxNation, Heffron said: “I brought a lot of fans down, it’s good. I think [my performance] was alright.”

Trainer Anthony Farnell added: “The guys going to be a big star.”

With the impressive win, Heffron rose to 9-0-0, 5ko while Ilie slumped to 14-12-2, 2ko.

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