Tansey won the fight but eccentric Moussinga won the crowd in 168lb brawl

3 Feb

Tommy Barber – London

Powerful novice journeyman Emmanuel Moussinga was duped out of a result on Friday, February 3 at the Bowler’s Arena in Manchester as his furious onslaught was not even recognised by the third man in the ring, who gave Warren Tansey all of the first five rounds and a share of the sixth and final stanza. The super middleweight tussle was a fan-friendly fight that Moussinga deserved to triumph in, yet Tansey got the official verdict…

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Barber’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
10 10 9 9 10 10

9 9 10
10 10 9

Official verdict: Tansey wins by way of referee’s decision (60-55).

A novice on the professional circuit, Emmanuel Moussinga a Cameroonian fighting out of Birmingham, was brought in as the opponent but he fought like he was the only one who had not been told of his status… he was a relentless Tazmanian devil who personified action.

He was rugged, wild, threw an abundance of punches and, while most were blocked by Tansey’s forearms or gloves, he was still caught to the side of the body, the chest and also the head, on occasion. Moussinga relished the opportunity… he showboated between rounds, played up to the crowd, flexed his cut frame and posed for pictures like a true character.

Winning the opening two rounds based on pure aggression and work-rate, Moussinga’s tempo had slowed somewhat in the third and Tansey was able to gradually take over as his precision and more technical skillset rose to the fore.

Midway through the fight he made Moussinga appear like a one-dimensional inside fighter as he turned his man whenever the slugger dug his head in and attempted to bombard him with shots. Tansey refused to engage in the inside tussle and instead, insisted on a distance fight – where he easily had the upper hand.

A sign of Moussinga’s drained endurance due to the sheer activity in the opening stages was evident by the fourth as Tansey was able to intuitively slip predictable shots and make Moussinga miss. The fifth round was tight and if the fourth showed Tansey’s defensive posturing, the fifth highlighted Moussinga’s as he proved an elusive – and frustrating – target as he danced and higged in between forcing Tansey to swing at air.

In the final round, the upset could have been on as Moussinga slammed heavy hits into Tansey’s nose and rib cage. Tansey, though, did not give up without a fight and landed shots to his opponent’s body as well as looking to win respect with his lead jab. Moussinga’s overhand right, though, was thrown and landed with authority.

The shock victory, as deserved as it may have been, was not awarded as the referee favoured Tansey’s work, raising his arm aloft at the end of proceedings and, astonishingly, did not even give Moussinga a round.

Manny Moussinga walked out to Tupac’s under-rated hit Tradin’ War Stories and played his part in a gruelling battle that will be a memorable encounter.

“He was awkward, I had to be calm when he was swinging punches,” said Tansey to BoxNation after his points triumph. “He is awkward like, so yeah. Just by looking at him you can tell he’s heavy handed.”

With the win, Tansey moved to 8-1-1, 3ko while Moussinga dropped to 0-2-0, 0ko.

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    Bull shit


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