Pacquiao, Mayweather, Chavez Jr, Rubio: From pride and love to a title to love for money

31 Jan

Jose Sulaiman – WBC

We have been reading for long so many news about the 50 millions dollars for Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, that the promoter showed past contracts for only eight-nine millions instead, that Pacquiao accepts equal percentages and the anti-doping tests, that Floyd demands the fight to be on May 5 as he must comply with the ruling of a judge, that Bob Arum wants to wait for a new stadium to be finished, while an offer from Qatar, where the 2018 Soccer World Cup will take place, came for the fight to take place there….. blah, blah, blah.

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Boxing is all about money, says Sulaiman. Credit: Stacey Verbeek - Maple Avenue Boxing Gym

I have no doubts that both boxers have their dignity, pride and honour, but, no sir, boxing is not that anymore. It’s all about money, and that is the specific objective of whoever the promoter is. Dignity and pride have remained in the past, and for that reason I believe that the month of May is out of the question for that gigantic fight that the world is demanding to take place. There is not enough time for May, but I sincerely wish for the sake of the demand of the world that it will take place some day, perhaps by the end of the year, time that will fly like the wind does and both fighters must look for different challengers to cover their TV dates of mid-year.

In the meantime, a very interesting title defense will be made by the WBC middleweight champion, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr who valiantly picked Marco Antonio Rubio, with all his experience and reknowned punch, to make his second defence of the title that he won from Sebastian Zbik. Nobody doubts that this is a very interesting fight where experience and power will confront youth, very improved boxing, and also a good puncher.

It is very disappointing to read in the papers that Rubio said that he will get only one third of the money that he made with Kelly Pavlik, but that he took the fight because he wants the championship. Chavez, is known to be having the toughest training of his career. God willing, we will be there for this very interesting and competitive WBC title bout.

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe

All those millions mentioned going from here to there made my mind fly to many years back, when the immortal homerun king, Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees, made $35,000 dollars as his top income for a year. Joe DiMaggio, also with the Yankees, who married Marilyn Monroe and to whose tomb he had a fresh rose delivered daily during all the years of his life, made $50,000 per season. The greatest Mexican idol of all-time, Raul “Raton” Macias, broke the all time gate record of more than 55,000 people and made $250,000 pesos – about $25,000 dollars! Even the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali, made as his highest purse $5 million in his Rumble in the Jungle fight against the great bomber George Foreman, who made the same amount in a fight that all, away from Zaire, had to go to see in a movie theatre, as there was no pay per view.

Ali, Foreman, Macías, Ruth, DiMaggio, and so many others who live in history with golden letters never made more. But today, in our era, Oscar de la Hoya is said to have made $70 million against Mayweather for the highest income ever. The super millions made by other popular fighters, the stars of football, baseball, basketball, who move around teams like a roulette wheel, without loyalty, only to money, creating a sports world of craziness with tons of money for the very few, and still peanuts for most. Who has the merits for these crazy figures and times?

Without a doubt, the phenomenon of television, that has taken the thousands of fans from the arenas and stadiums of the past to the millions today at home. The monumental problem is that an absolute majority of boxers and athletes win millions or thousands, but who, after the lights of the arena and their careers are over, with very few exceptions, spent all what they won, including thefts and exploitation by their own friends, and live their third age in poverty and only dreaming of their days of glory.

TV corporations and promoters must find a way, including donations for pensions, to wipe off guilt, embarrassment and tears, to see their boxers finish their lives with dignity and pride. The WBC has more than 25 years of extending modest pensions to a few old ex-champions, while taking also care of many in hospitals and medicines, but as of January, 2012, a pension plan is being started to be managed by an independent group of distinguished people to control the program.

May the promoters support the WBC, and may God help us for the benefit of our heroes in boxing.

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