Kell Brook on Spanish training camp, Matthew Hatton will get ‘beaten and bashed up’

29 Jan

Alan Dawson – London

In order to prepare for his March 17, all-English test against domestic welterweight rival Matthew Hatton, 30, undefeated 25-year-old Kell Brook – a product of the renowned St Thomas Boys & Girls Club, a converted church also known as the Ingle Gym – has endured a winter’s break in the sunny clime of Fuerteventura, a Spanish island off the coast of Africa. Furthermore, the Sheffield star has warned Hatton he’s in for a beating and a bashing.

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From the coast of Africa to the Motorpoint Arena, where VIP tickets are sold out. Credit: Lawrence Lustig/Matchroom Sports

“Spain was great, we trained three times a day, running on the beach was tough but great for the fitness,” said Brook of his recent working trip on the Canary Island that sees an average January temperature of 17.5°C ((63.5F).

Famous for it’s mountainous peaks and rugged coastline, Brook (26-0-0, 18ko) described Fuerteventura as a “nice change of scenery”.

He continued: “There was about nine of us from the gym and a few Spanish boxers there too – we had a good laugh but got down to some good work too.”

The St Thomas Club is a sporting institution in the Wincobank area of England’s Steel City of Sheffield. Inside the walls of the converted building are messages and posters aimed to inspire the children that pass through the doors to become a graduate in the sweet science, avoiding street temptations such as smoking, drinking and drugs.

Brook is the latest in a long line of prizefighters schooled by Brendon Ingle and son Dominic that were British born but world renowned as Special K follows the footsteps of Prince Naseem, Johnny Nelson, Herol Graham and close mate Ryan Rhodes. Since swapping promotional figureheads Frank Warren of Sports Network to Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sports, Brook has gone 3-0-0, 2ko having out-pointed Lovemore N’Dou in one-sided combat prior to teekayoing Rafal Jackiewicz and Luis Galarza, his debut on American canvas.

A cerebral pugilist who punches with precision, Brook now takes on Hatton in what is aimed to be one last interest-generating domestic/European-level bout before a world title tilt. Brook said: “I’m back in the Wincobank now but I was training over Christmas anyway as Eddie Hearn told me there was something big coming in March so I didn’t want to switch off at all.

“I’m stepping it up now and we’re going to be really hitting it hard in the next week or so but I already feel great so there are no worries there.”

The mind-games have already begun. Over the festive period, Hatton (42-5-2, 16ko) gave Brook a drunken phone-call informing him he was going to taste defeat come March at the Motorpoint Arena in Brook’s home-town; Sheffield. Then, he also told the media that Brook – who is due to be a father in February – will struggle to train, be a parent and a good boyfriend to his partner Lindsay.

“Everyone is different – we’ve got things worked out and it’s really not going to be interrupting our training,” explained Brook. “We’ve got our heads around how it’s going to work and we’ve got a lot of people around us to help too so it’s not a worry – I’m just really excited about it.

“He can’t get into my head with that sort of stuff and on March 17 I’m going to be all over him. Dominic Ingle has already got me working on plans for Matt and I know my game plan on the night will be spot on to beat him and bash him up.”

For tickets to the fast-selling event, call Sheffield Box Office on 0114 256 5656 or click here. VIP tickets are sold out, but tiered (£30/40), tiered/floor (£60) and ringside (£100) are available.

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