Bobby Gunn defends heavyweight bareknuckle championship on Feb 25: BKB 2 will have fireworks

19 Jan

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Earlier this week the World Bare Knuckle Boxing Association announced that BKB 2 will take place February 25 in Arizona, with current heavyweight BKB champ Bobby Gunn putting his title on the line against an undetermined opponent. The first sanctioned BKB match since 1889 took place last August 5, 2011, when Bobby Gunn defeated Richard Stewart to claim the vacant linear world heavyweight BKB title, last held by John L Sullivan.

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Since the reemergence of BKB last summer, the sport has grown tremendously in popularity on an international level, with countless fighters stepping forward expressing their interest in competing in the original form of combat.

“It means a great deal to me to be part of the first and only sanctioned bare knuckle boxing association,” said Bobby Gunn. “Since the first fight there has been a lot of talk about different organisations popping up with bare knuckle fights but we are the only real deal out there, the rest are just pretenders.

“If the fights aren’t sanctioned, then they don’t really mean anything towards the sport. We were the first to legitimise this sport and we are going to move forward with the old BKB ways, not changing or modifying anything.”

Bare knuckle boxing combines the strategy and technique of gloved boxing with the excitement and stand-up of MMA.

“In August, the world got a taste of BKB and they’ve been craving more,” added Gunn. “With BKB 2, they are going to see fireworks. We are going to show why BKB will soon be as mainstream as gloved boxing and MMA.”

Having been surrounded by BKB all of his life, Gunn is glad to see it finally becoming a sanctioned, organised sport.

“There is a false conception that bare knuckle boxing is savage and extremely dangerous but it’s incredible the precautions they take with the sanctioned fights,” said Gunn. “We have two referees, two doctors ringside and the fight isn’t about hurting your opponent; it’s about using technique, strategy and discipline to pick shots and outwork and outsmart the other fighter to win.

“Lastly I want to thank my great team and my great attorney for making this second sanctioned BKB bout happen. If not for your hard work this wouldn’t be possible.”

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