Kubrat Pulev old mans Michael Sprott who withdraws after eight rounds

14 Jan

Petra Kirsch – Gelsenkirchen

Kubrat Pulev rarely had to leave second gear to overcome cultured fighter Michael Sprott at the Baden-Arena in Offenburg, Germany on Saturday, January 14. Pulev protected his undefeated record, defended his IBF International heavyweight title and added a solid name to his resume thanks to his one-sided victory, however, for Sprott, a 54-fight professional, weight issues and age took their toll.

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Kirsch’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
9 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

10 9 9 9 9 9 9 9

Official verdict: Pulev wins by way of eighth round TKO.

Boxing for the 12th time on German canvas and sporting the name of his late sister on his trunks, Sprott – a seasoned veteran of heavyweight pugilism – opened up a cut on Pulev’s brow due to his accurate right hand shots. Occupying the role of ring general, Sprott dominated the centre of the ring, fought at a comfortable pace and varied his punches from the head to the midsection.

Pulev upped his work-rate in round two yet was thwarted by Sprott’s traditional upright guard. The tears of blood that had wept out of the cut in the opening round had dried up by the second due to the work of the cutman and he began boxing unperturbed. Having relinquished control of the round, Sprott attempted to steal the ten score with a late, aggressive, flurry of action but Pulev’s work was superior.

The high guard continued to frustrate Pulev in the third round but the Bulgarian picked his shots well, keeping Sprott away from him with his orthodox jab and evading any incoming shot with head movement. Sprott, carrying excess in the midsection, absorbed double jabs in the fourth – to the nose, then to the paunch – and Pulev began varying his punches: sending left hooks into the Englishman’s temple, jabs to the gloves shielding his face, further hooks to the jaw and right hands – albeit seldom.

Sprott’s tempo had slowed considerably when compared to his output and movement in the first, an indication he weighed in too heavy and something that Pulev may be able to exploit the longer the contest was to go on. Pulev popped single fire shots into Sprott’s head throughout the round while the 36-year-old visitor only had one thing on his mind – to block. His sole moment of attack occurred in the final minute but the burst of aggression was lackadaisical.

Sensing Sprott had little to offer back by the middle stages of the contest, Pulev gained confidence and became more willing to open himself up, let his fists go and deploy more rocket-launching power bombs. In round seven, the right hand was a weapon used with greater frequency and one Sprott was failing to defend himself against as the guard had weakened. Breathing heavily and operating behind a languid jab, Sprott was failing to deal with the distance fight and, as early as round six and seven, the signs were evident that either he would end up on the floor, or withdrawn altogether.

Pulev’s fistic rhythm was effective, but predictable as he’d jab, jab, right cross, jab, jab, right cross over and over, however, it was a tactic that was working Sprott over who was beginning to show the effects of taking heavy leather face first as swellings had become apparent. Whilst Pulev’s power and aggression had increased since the start of the fight, it was still not at the level required to finish Sprott – something the Sofia-based 30-year-old has been guilty of in past fights, including his most recent outing; an October punch-up with Travis Walker.

Indeed, it was not Pulev who finished Sprott, more so his corner – the decision the correct one – as Sprott was pulled out of the bout prior to round nine’s genesis.

With the deserved, dominant display, Pulev boosted his record to 15-0-0, 7ko while Sprott suffered his 18th defeat and dropped to 36-18-0, 17ko.

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