Mustafa Ameen, aka Amir Khan’s ‘Mystery Man’, is not an official – IBF

11 Jan

Denzil Stone – Atlantic City

The protestations made by British super lightweight Amir Khan at the alleged injustice over the dubious scoring of his now controversial points defeat to current unified champion of the WBA and IBF titles, Lamont Peterson, have gained merit in recent weeks due to the revelation of a ‘Mystery man’ at ringside appearing to interfere with a WBA supervisor. The IBF have now confirmed the man – Mustafa Ameen is not an employee of their Federation.

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The man in the hat appearing to interfere with Walsh's scorecard. Credit: HBO screenshot

Ameen is due to meet Khan’s US representatives Golden Boy Promotions on January 18 in New Jersey in order to explain his ringside behaviour. This, after WBA president Gilberto Mendoza advocated an immediate rematch. Until that date, the IBF had elected to remain silent, however, recent revelations have prompted a rethink, with the following release issued to the press: “The IBF has decided to… provide some clarification on the matter of Mr. Mustafa Ameen’s presence at the IBF/WBA championship bout between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson.

“Initially, the organisation chose not to publicly address this matter to preserve the integrity of the hearing scheduled for the appeal filed by Golden Boy promotions on the ruling of the aforementioned bout. The sole purpose in doing so was with the intentions that all parties, and most importantly, the panelists could go into this hearing with clear minds and no preconceptions or prejudices.”

The statement then countered the claim that Ameen was an IBF official and supported what Freddie Roach had stated – that he wasn’t: “Mr. Mustafa Ameen does outreach work for the IBF’s SARB/Education Fund. This fund was initially created to financially assist retired professional boxers experiencing monetary difficulties. He is not an employee or an official of the organisation, nor does he receive any monetary compensation from the organization for his efforts.”

It continued: “Previous to the Khan-Peterson bout, the IBF made a request for the Washington, D.C. Boxing and Wrestling Commission to extend Mr. Ameen the courtesy of a credential to enter the arena. Mr. Ameen was not assigned by the IBF to officiate this bout.

“Despite all that has transpired, at this point the IBF has not changed its stance and plans on moving forth with the hearing as scheduled on Wednesday, January 18. Mr. Ameen will be present at the hearing to explain his actions and what transpired during the bout between him and Mr. Welsh, the WBA supervisor.”

The fervent lobbying for an overturning of the result to a No Contest, coupled with the calls for a rematch, could prove costly to Khan’s reputation.

The Briton has boxed four times on American canvas: a stoppage victory over Paul Malignaggi in New York, a brace of wins over Marcos Maidana (points) and Zab Judah (KO) in Las Vegas, and a decision loss to Peterson in Washington DC. The motive was to enhance Khan’s profile, something that had been a measured success but for Peterson’s trainer, Barry Hunter, the latest actions from fighter and promoter are far from becoming.

“It would be an understatement to characterise Lamont as being disappointed in the unprofessional manner in which Khan is attempting to discredit his performance in the ring and victory,” Hunter said in a statement today, Wednesday. “We were raised to conduct ourselves where champions display professionalism, both in victory and defeat. Lamont previously tasted defeat and handled it the way it should be handled – he worked harder on areas that needed improvement to maximise his performance in the ring. Now, he is world champion.

“Khan blames everyone and everything but his performance and lack of ability to make adjustments in the ring for his loss.”

Regarding the presence of Ameen at ringside, who appeared to handle a scorecard as well as being seen pictured celebrating the win with Peterson post-fight, Hunter said: “Each claim is boldly false, but because Golden Boy and Khan have the financial resources to file protests and lawyers to create questionable accusations we are forced to address these issues.

“Mustafa Ameen is in no way, nor has he ever been affiliated or associated with anyone within Team Peterson. That includes myself, Lamont and Anthony Peterson. Real champions don’t continue to come up with various excuses and false accusations in hopes that something will stick to cover up for a loss.”

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