Chisora says it’s ‘time for a new king’, Vitali Klitschko concedes Dereck can win but predicts he’ll fall in the sixth

9 Jan

Alan Dawson – London

WBC heavyweight championship challenger Dereck Chisora has, like a number of past Klitschko opponents – both of Vitali and Wladimir – publicly criticised the reign of the Ukrainian siblings by labeling world titlist Vitali an unexciting prizefighter who has contributed to the death of the division. Klitschko, meanwhile, who boxes Chisora in Munich, Germany on February 18, is – at 40-years-old – determined to show that boxing is not just a young man’s sport.

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Vitali's green and gold belt. Credit: KMG/Dmitriy Abramov

“I’m going to have to prove not just my boxing skills but my age against Dereck,” said Klitschko during an address to the media at the five star Landmark Hotel on Marylebone Road, London today, Monday. “I am 40 but I feel 25,” he continued. “I am in great condition, great form and have great experience.

“The main thing in life is experience, in all jobs and also in boxing. I have defended my title against many styles. I don’t want to break the record of George Foreman, but 40 isn’t old. I’ll show that.”

Klitschko (43-2-0, 40ko) has been involved in eight fights since his return to boxing following a four-year mini retirement between 2004 and 08, all of them with world championships on the line. He has slain a number of notable heavyweights during this period, including a retirement of Samuel Peter and Chris Arreola, a brutal decisioning of Shannon Briggs, a first round stoppage of former amateur standout Odlanier Solis and, most recently, a near perfect systematic beatdown of well-ranked Tomasz Adamek.

Despite his achievements, Chisora (15-2-0, 9ko) is still to be impressed: “Everybody’s tired of you and your brother. There’s no excitement in the ring. It’s time for the new king. People want a new relief in boxing. Him and his brother have killed the sport I love.”

A Klitschko and Chisora match-up represents a contrast in height (Vitali = 6’7 1/2; Chisora = 6’1 1/2), wingspan (Vitali = 80′; Chisora = 74′) and styles (Klitschko = cerebral, hands low by his waist, hurtful jab and methodical torturer; Chisora = angry pressure fighter who punches in bunches) and remains one that intrigues the champion: “Many people say the fights of the Klitschko brothers are boring. That’s because we win. We need to fight someone who can beat us. I think Dereck can do that.”

In Chisora’s last outing, he was denied a deserved and resounding victory over Robert Helenius due to bizarre judging at ringside. The record books may nod to a win for the latter, but it is not one recognised by Klitschko: “He beat Robert Helenius. He beat a future world champion. Can he beat a real world champion? I have studied him very well and I know the fight will be interesting. For the crowd and for me.”

When pressed for their predictions come fight night, Chisora was bullish: “I am going to whip his ass.”

Vitali conclusively riposted: “You are landing on the floor in round number six.”

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