Anthony Peterson’s technical finesse see him past Attah in eight round decision

11 Dec

Denzil Stone – Atlantic City

Returning lightweight Anthony Peterson, once considered a fast-rising contender in the 135lb ranks, sealed an eight round decision win over Daniel Attah at the Washington Convention Center in DC on Saturday, December 10. Peterson showed great technique, fast hands, put his punches together well and threatened to gain a knockout, but had to settle for a one-sided points victory.

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Stone’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
10 10 10 10 10
10 10 10

9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9

Official verdict: 80-72 x 3, UD in favour of Peterson.

From troubled beginnings but rescued by trainer, mentor and father figure Barry Hunter, Anthony Peterson was further troubled in his last fight, over one year ago, when he was torn apart by an unforgiving Brandon Rios. During the pre-fight build-up to his box off with Daniel Attah, Anthony explained that he had a lot to get off his chest and, in the opening round, he lived up to that statement as the action was all one-way with Peterson executing a jabbing clinic.

With the second round completed, Peterson showed no signs of ring rust. He looked technically sound and showed great intuition when picking his shots and landing them on Attah’s nose and chin. In the third, the range of Peterson’s fistic artillery was on display as he landed right uppercuts, left hooks (both upstairs) as well as right hooks to the midsection. He also had a classically slick defence as he boxed with his front foot forward, leaning back whilst jabbing which prevented Attah from creeping too far inside. He would also use upper body movement to veer away from head-bound shots while also parrying when necessary.

Attah had his most productive round in the fourth when his wild right hands found Peterson’s sweet spot but it was not enough to make one half of the famous fighting Washington brothers think twice about commanding the centre of the ring. Peterson had to vary his work in the sixth as in the round prior Attah had arguably started to figure him out, yet Anthony responded by thumping both sides of the body before unleashing with a pounding combination.

Peterson’s conditioning for an eight round fight was spot on, there was never any danger of fatigue and the manner in which he refused to sit on his stool between rounds and instead remained standing, in the corner, perched on the ropes, was reminiscent of the way great American heavyweight George Foreman would stay standing in order to play with his opponent’s mind.

In the final round, Attah was on the floor, but the referee adjudged it a slip even though he seemed to be caught off-balance by a punch. By the time the contest was concluded, Peterson’s boxing skills saw him win every minute of every round. Following such a lengthy layoff, it was good for the lightweight to receive rounds, rather than blast a journeyman out inside one round. With a few more victories like this, the devastating loss to Rios may be exorcised.

With victory, Peterson’s record moved to 31-1-0, 20ko.

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