Video: Electric Dib beats spirit out of Servidei, forcing Alberto to quit on his seat

19 Nov

Ibrahim Harb – Birmingham

During fight week, the importance of fighting in a fan friendly manner had been implored onto reigning IBF featherweight world champion Billy Dib and boy, did The Kid listen. On Saturday, November 19 at the Homebush Sports Centre in Sydney, Australia, he forced an undefeated top ten ranked opponent – Alberto Servidei – to submit as the Italian refused to get up from a neutral corner before one round had even been completed…

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Harb’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Judges verdict: N/a.

Visiting fighter Servidei was booed and jeered on his way to the ring – welcome to Australia. The reception was a contrast in nature to the one that preceded the entrance of popular IBF featherweight world championship incumbent; Dib.

Boxing with a low and loose guard, Servidei – with his portside posturing – popped his southpaw jab out with an immediate urgency as he sought to control the tempo from the off. Midway through the round, he unleashed a three-punch flurry to the midsection but the shots were thwarted by Dib’s shield as he intuitively tucked his elbows in.

Moments later, Dib forced the Italian onto the backfoot and against the ropes as he began landing heavy leather on his opponent’s frame and, with just under one minute left on the ring clock, stunned and flattened his foe with a countering right hook. Servidei clung on, but as Dib pivoted away, dropped to his knees, however, the referee, surprisingly, did not rule it as a knockdown but, unperturbed, Dib returned to work as soon as Alberto had returned to his feet.

Servidei retreated into a defensive shell as soon as he saw Dib attack. During an unanswered period of punishment, Servidei was forced to absorb an uppercut to the midsection and a right hand over the top (which glanced off his scalp). Dib then extended a head-high left which set-up a straight right to the body. Beating the fight out of his opponent, Servidei wilted under the pressure and a torturous left, dug into his side, made him collapse as he sank into a neutral corner in order to quit.

Winning in style, a delighted Dib bowed to each section of the crowd before mounting the turnbuckle in order to enjoy the positive hollering. With the victory, Dib made the first successful defence of the IBF crown he won in July by decisioning Jorge Laciervam. The Aussie’s record is now 33-1-0, 20ko. Servidei slumped to 31-1-2, 7ko.

(Video embedded above credit – Youtube, Ginofamussa)

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