Marquez duped out of win as Pacquiao gains undeserved decision

13 Nov

Alan Dawson – London

They say there is no room for sentiment in boxing, but one cannot help but feel sympathy for Juan Manuel Marquez. The Mexican, Manny Pacquiao’s nemesis… a thorn in his foot, had again defeated the Filipino and deserved to leave Las Vegas with the WBO welterweight world championship belt around his waist, however, like he was denied victory in the second bout, it was Pacquiao that gained an unfair and undeserved decision.

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Pacquiao 10 9 9 9 9 10 9 9 10 10
10 9
9 10 10 10 10 9 10 10 9 9 10 10

Judges verdict: 114-114, 115-113, 116-112; Pacquiao by way of majority decision.

It took seven years to complete but, having boxed in 2004 and 2008 – both times with dubious decisions attached – Pacquiao and Marquez finally met for the third and final time. Much had been made about the development of Manny from a strictly southpaw operator in their last bout to an ambidextrous punching machine. Marquez, too, went through his own transition from a successful lightweight campaigner to a strong looking welterweight. Question marks were therefore raised about whether the make-up of the third installment of their fistic saga could mirror the 24 grueling rounds that preceded it.

If the receptions each fighter received were anything to go by, then the similarities were already apparent as the reaction to their mere presence was electric. Flamboyant light displays accompanied Pacquiao to the ring to his familiar entrance music of Eye Of The Tiger and Manny immediately made his way to his traditional red corner – the champion’s corner – in order to drop to his knees… and pray.

After receiving their final instruction from bi-lingual referee Tony Weeks, the combatants went to war inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, November 12. Pacquiao, despite murmurs from the Wildcard Boxing Gym, did not set himself up to go for the first round knockout as he paid respect to his arch rival. Physically, there was little to separate the two fighters as both men looked comfortable boxing and moving at 142-143lbs.

Flicking out his southpaw jab in round two, Pacquiao’s portside lead punch was prevented from connecting due to Marquez’s ability to block the shots with his gloves and forearms. And, like he had done most notably in their first duel seven years ago, Pacquiao incorporated the left cross into his routines and worked Marquez over with a classic one-two combination. Responding like a warrior, Marquez with his accuracy, timing and ability to pick his punch, threw a right cross and clocked Pacquiao right on the chin.

In round three, there was a real ebb and flow when it came to the upper hand. They exchanged single fire shots and took it in turns to occupy the middle of the ring. Whenever Pacquiao darted into the pocket, as he loves to do when he is about to unleash a flurry, Marquez took three swift steps back in retreat rendering any Manny movement null and void.

The closely competed fight was underlined in round four as, reacting in a near identical manner, Marquez and Pacquiao both moved into a higher gear, fighting at a solid tempo, attacking each other’s head and body yet, again, it was Marquez who closed the stanza in the ascendancy as he staggered Pacquiao into the outside with a huge right hand.

Marquez sought to capitalise on his earlier success when the fifth round began. To do this, he maintained his counter-striking posture while also popping left hooks behind Pacquiao’s elbows, scattering one-two-three punch flurries over Pacman’s head and body whilst then just ever so slowly retreating back to the outside in order to anticipate Manny’s incoming firings. With 45 seconds left on the round clock, Juan Manuel – like he had done numerous times before – caught Pacquiao with a punishing right hand, then a combination, then another chin-bound right… Marquez was fully in control, reducing Pacquiao’s attack to impotency.

Round six was the best round of the fight to that point – for both men, but a winning one for Pacquiao who, when he began putting his punches together, the hook over Marquez’s jab, the uppercut, the southpaw jab and the hook, he was able to perturb Marquez and convincingly sway the round’s ten score for his favour. The major cause for concern, however, was Marquez’s ability to just find Pacquiao’s chin over and over with the short-range straight right.

Round seven was home to a huge, huge right cross dispatched from Marquez and absorbed by Pacquiao but, like he has done to many a punch, Manny showed a good chin. There has long been a repeatable adage in boxing… speed kills, yet from Marquez’s showing in the first, second and now the third fight with Pacquiao, timing can negate speed. In the dying moments of the seventh, Pacquiao used angles more effectively yet it was too little, too late, to claim the edge in the round and Marquez pushed Pacquiao’s head back with a hardcore uppercut that had all the power of a hadouken.

In the eighth round there was a very real sense that the upset was on. Pacquiao began going for it, throwing combinations, but Marquez still enjoyed landing his right hand – almost at will – while Pacquiao, for too long in each round, remained befuddled on the outside. Manny closed the round with a solid one-two move, finishing with the left cross, but Marquez owned the stanza as a whole.

Pacquiao regained some momentum in the ninth due to his sheer aggression. But, it wasn’t just aggression – it was effective aggression. He feinted, stuck combinations onto the tough Mexican but Marquez showed that priceless veteran ring craft by making Pacquiao miss with occasional shots. In the tenth round, Pacquiao had the superiority when it came to power and that was obvious with Manny’s left hook shots and Sagat uppercut. At the close of play in the tenth, Pacquiao countered the counter puncher with a sweet right hook that was straight out of the textbook.

In the penultimate round, Pacquiao increased the amount of times he threw combinations, forcing Marquez to take a backward step as he flurried and finished with a left cross straight down the pipe. Whilst Pacman produced the greater work in the opening minute, the closing minute displayed Marquez’s relative ease at a: blocking Manny’s pressurising shots and b: counter-punching.

In order to turn the tie in his favour, Pacquiao required a forceful knockdown, maybe even the knockout… but it was Marquez who was closing the contest in the more convincing way. His stance, the tempo, his head movement, his counter-punching… it all culminated into one huge advantage for the ring legend who had reduced Pacquiao to second best in what was supposed to be his own main event.

The body language after the final ring bell was heard told the whole story. Marquez was elated, hollering at the crowd, saluting his fellow Mexicans while Pacquiao returned to the red corner, his shoulders slumped, dropping to his knees and, like he did before the fight, pray, whilst wife Jinkee sat disconsolate in the front row, looking saddened as tears welled in her eyes. The long unbeaten championship run her husband had embarked on had come to an end… or had it?

Indeed, the reactions may have said it all, but the judges obviously read from a different book as Pacquiao gained the decision – one score was even by an astonishing four point margin. That wasn’t the fight that transpired and that wasn’t what Marquez’s performance warranted. He was the winner on the night, just not on the official records. In defeat, he dropped to 53-6-1, 39ko while Pacquiao moved to 54-3-2, 38ko, however, his reputation as pound-for-pound number one is now entirely in question…

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16 Responses to “Marquez duped out of win as Pacquiao gains undeserved decision”

  1. happynightmare13 November 13, 2011 at 6:17 am #


  2. Anonymous November 13, 2011 at 6:28 am #

    wow, what a disgrace. pacquiao is the ultimate fake champion

  3. Manny Never Loses November 13, 2011 at 6:30 am #

    You DONT know what YOU talking about! PACQUIAO WON by at least EIGHT points. NEXT UP MAYWEATHER!

  4. Anonymous November 13, 2011 at 11:39 am #

    I wouldn’t say that Pacquiao is a disgrace. The matter was not in his hands. If there would be anyone to blame for this ‘questionable’ result, it’s the judges. And don’t say that he is a fake champion. He has proven his worth more than enough to be certainly regarded as a champion. This one incident would not and should not strip him away of his hard-earned wins throughout the years.

  5. @ANONYMOUS November 13, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

    Of course he a fake champion lol! Who else wins titles at fake catchweights and never defends the belt? Who else needs his promoter to buy the judges ringside scores? Pacquiao not even second best welterweight now. Mayweather is best at 147, Ortiz would beat Pacquiao, Pacquiao wont ever be the same again hes done. Hopefully hell retire now. No one wants to see that circus shoved down our throats saying he so good he so good but then get exposed on fight night. He was AWFUL agianst Mosley and worse against Marquez. Two fighters who Floyd EMBARRASSSED

  6. alonzo November 15, 2011 at 1:44 pm #

    It’s not Pac Man’s fault…blame it on Arum. When one person has too much power, this is the kind of crap that happens. Look at the Ortiz v Mayw, Paul Williams fight…there’s been a lot of “Fixes” going on all for the PacMAn v Gayweather fight to occur. Then when that fight finally happens it’s going to be “fixed ” again in order for there to be a trilogy. Question is, will this trilogy be like the othr past TRUE great ones? Only in cash flow…SHameful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous November 17, 2011 at 9:56 am #

    marquez’s FACE got robbed of mercy rofl…

  8. Anonymous November 17, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    JMM got robbed alright, his face got robbed thats right haha

    but people should blame the flame on that ARUM guy, fixing the game so that it would turn out to have a 4th bout. but if Marquez had knocked-out that Pacguy, fixing the game would be impossible…too bad for Marquez that Arum wants to make more money out of Pacguy.


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