Matty Askin assassinates visiting Czech fighter Roman Kracik, British title shot looms

12 Nov

Alan Dawson – London

Benefiting from the coaching style of Bob Shannon and the promotional power of former big name fighter Ricky Hatton, fast-rising cruiserweight sensation Matty Askin is flourishing. Such a statement of commendation is supported by his destruction of another experienced prizefighter as the ‘Assassin’ crushed Roman Kracik in just three rounds at the Sports Centre in Oldham on Saturday, November 12.

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
10 10 10

9 9 8

Judges verdict: N/a.

Patient performer Askin took control of the centre of the ring with immediacy, popped out a forceful jab and followed it up with a measuring jab in order to assess the distance required to land his own shots whilst keeping veteran Czech Republic fighter Roman Kracik at arm’s length.

Inside the first minute, the ‘Assassin’ pumped one-two combinations through to Kracik’s soft midsection: the uppercut and hook punch then, moments later, the short-range straight right and left. Askin’s reflexes and speed of evasive movement almost belied his size (200lbs) and height (6’4) as, when Kracik sought to set up an attack, Askin intuitively backed away with head and upper body movement while simultaneously raising a stiff shield.

Noting the paunch that his opponent was carrying, Askin dug hard hook shots into Kracik’s body. The visiting fighter relinquished many key boxing qualities within the first couple of rounds… the aggression was all Askin’s despite his patient yet effective work-rate, the range and tempo of the fight was how the Blackpool boxer likes to operate, it was Askin who was the ring general and it was he who was causing the greater damage with his telling blows, in particular, the right cross that he closed the second round with.

In the second, Kracik had landed his most meaningful punch; a wild left to the head which, despite it’s crude execution, still connected. In the third, though, that mild success was diluted as Askin boxed from mid-range and thus never allowed his opponent to step inside where he may be able to gain some success. Kracik missed with an overhand right in the middle of the stanza that Askin slipped, then countered with an uppercut.

Circumventing Kracik’s peek-a-boo with a hard left hook, Askin closed the show with a punishing uppercut that forced Roman onto the backfoot and into retreat as Askin began clobbering him with right hands. Kracik turned his back, got down on one knee and submitted as Askin had beat the spirit out of him. The third man in the ring made no hesitation to call the fight off and award Matty a technical knockout victory.

Whilst Askin celebrated, whooped, fist-bumped the air and saluted his jubilant support, Kracik clutched the back of his bonce and claimed he had been struck there. Such a protest, though, was merely a ploy to save face for he had been given the ‘Assassin’ treatment.

“It’s nice to get a good performance like that and show what I’m about,” said Askin to Sky Sports following the official announcement of the bout. “It was probably the best uppercut of my career, he did good to stand up to it! We can go 12, 15, 20 rounds if we have to… I’ll talk to Ricky and see where we go from there.”

Where he goes, according to On The Beak sources, will be straight to the door of the current incumbent of the British cruiserweight championship; Leon Williams. Askin can box, has proven knockout ability and is eager to fight for the Lonsdale belt. All that remains to be seen is if Williams answers the call.

With victory, Askin moves to 12-0-0, 8ko while Kracik – who suffered his first cruiserweight stoppage – dropped to 33-8-1, 19ko.

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