Like father, like son as Chris Eubank Jr boxes beautifully in pro debut, wins via TKO

12 Nov

Alan Dawson – London

Chris Eubank Jr proved to be a chip off the old block as, like his father Chris Eubank Sr had done throughout the 1990s, he boxed rings around his opponent by showing off a fluid and rhythmic fighting style against a defensively-stubborn opponent in Kirilas Psonko. Eubank Jr won his debut fight by way of fourth round technical knockout on Saturday, November 12 at EventCity in Manchester, England.

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Eubank Jr 10 10 10 10

9 9 9 8

Judges verdict: N/a.

Making an entrance that was nothing short of protracted and dramatic, Chris Eubank Jr overtook his father – former two-weight world champion of the 1990’s Chris Eubank Sr – as Tina Turner’s anthem Simply The Best blast over the Tannoy. Eubank Jr shadowboxed on his way to the ring and, much like his namesake did two decades before him, launched himself over the top rope in his first act of acrobatics. The showman was strong in him… he was, clearly, his father’s son.

Standing across the ring from debutant Eubank Jr was Kirilas Psonko, a sturdy prizefighter from Lithuania. For the first time in Eubank Jr’s life, he was boxing without headgear, fighting in three minute rounds and, astonishingly for a man making his first professional appearance, was thrust straight into a six-rounder – such was the high regard that new promoter Mick Hennessy of Hennessy Sports had in his latest acquisition.

From the opening bell it was clear he was a boxer in a mirror image of Eubank Sr, making beautifully silky smooth lateral movements, jabbing and popping one-two combinations that included the right hand over the top and basically out-working and out-classing an opponent with a 24-fight experience. Fighting in long-John style trunks, Eubank Jr unleashed combinations toward the rounds end.

Eubank Jr, like Sr, had an incredibly aesthetically-pleasing boxing style… he kept his fists low, relied on reflexes as his main form of defence and, when on the attack, shot from the hip. In between rounds, Sr implored his son to work the body with frequency when boxing resumed and, taking heed of the advice, Jr began tucking left hooks behind Psonko’s elbow. The reason behind the targeting of Psonko’s body was because the fighter’s guard was so high and tight that by breaking the midsection down, he would be able to lower the guard and then return his focus upstairs.

In the third round, Eubank Jr showed off the variety of his fistic weaponry as he landed sharp left hooks to the breadbasket, right hooks to the temple that made Psonko flinch, tiger uppercuts through the middle and precise orthodox jabbing. In the fourth round, because of Eubank Jr’s unrelenting work-rate, the accumulative damage that he was causing because of his punching and Psonko’s apparent loathing to return fire with fire, a stoppage victory was awarded due to referee intervention.

Considering he only had 26 amateur fights behind him, with Golden Glove awards in the US together with a training schedule orchestrated by Floyd Mayweather Sr, Eubank Jr boxed incredibly well for a debutant. His moves were so impressive, that he not only won a knockout, but also the admiring glances of the peroxide blonde girls who held the ringcards…

“Everyone was telling me get out there and you have to knock him out but I wanted to go in there and enjoy myself,” Eubank Jr explained to Channel 5. “It’s been my dream ever since I was young to step up and fight in the professional ranks. There’s a lot of pressure, a lot to live up to but I relish that, I want to prove myself.”

Praising his son’s display, Chris Eubank Sr said, in exquisitely enunciated English: “It was an almost perfect performance. I can’t find any holes in the young man.”

With victory, the novice moved to 1-0-0, 1ko.

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