In Marco Huck, the Klitschko siblings receive another call-out from a cruiserweight king

9 Nov

Petra Kirsch – Gelsenkirchen

The cruiserweight division is one often overlooked by international boxing, yet one it’s prominent pugilists – Marco Huck of Germany, a long-reigning champion of the WBO title at 200lbs – may command a portion of the imminent spotlight as he has declared his intention to box one of the heavyweight rulers: boxing brothers Wladimir (IBF/WBO/WBA/The Ring magazine unified champion) and Vitali (WBC belt holder).

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Former EBU champ Huck now champions WBO crown

On TV Total, a television program in Germany, Huck (34-1-0, 25ko) expressed his readiness and eagerness to box a Klitschko when the ‘showmaster’ Stefan Raab presented Huck with a picture of the Serbian-born Berlin-resident cradling baby versions of Wladimir (56-3-0, 49ko) and Vitali, to which Huck stated: “I don’t care which brother I can get my hands on, I would fight both of them right away.”

Such is the dearth of top quality in boxing’s premier weight division, the Klitschko siblings have turned to taking on opponents who have had past success campaigning at cruiserweight.

David Haye – an accomplished operator within the confines of the 200lb division having unified three alphabet titles – held the WBA heavyweight world championship at the time of meeting Wladimir earlier in the year, and, together with his ability to self-promote and rivalry with the dominant Ukrainian, had a natural match-up with the younger Klitschko.

The two met in July, with Wladimir claiming a decision victory two months before older brother Vitali (43-2-0, 40ko) took on Tomasz Adamek who, like Haye, was a world champion at cruiserweight a matter of years before propelling himself into a consensus top five world heavyweight rank and a respectable Klitschko opponent. Huck (6’1.5) would be a smaller heavyweight than Haye (6’3), but is of identical height to Adamek who also typically weighs in 15lbs over the cruiser limit when fighting as a heavy.

Huck’s desire to box a Klitschko is no new revelation as promoter Kalle Sauerland explained after his charge’s most recent victory – a sixth round stoppage over Rogelio Omar Rossi at the Arena in Ludwigsburg, Germany in October – that Huck is oft in his ear imploring his representative to put him on the K2 Promotions (Wladimir and Vitali’s company) shortlist. Considering the aforementioned sparsely populated pool of heavyweights who can compete with the Klitschko’s for 12 threes, that list may only have a handful of names on it…

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  1. DC November 10, 2011 at 9:37 am #

    Haha, dream on Marco.

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