Burgeoning Wilder scores 19th successive stoppage at Cota’s expense

6 Nov

Alan Dawson – London

A daunting opponent to line up against, the fast-improving Deontay Wilder – a 2008 bronze medal Olympian at the Beijing Games – is a lean, well-muscled 6’7 unit formerly criticised for a sloppy attack and over-reliance on his right hand but, against Daniel Cota in Cancun, Mexico on Saturday, November 5, showed an improved multi-faceted skill-set before claiming a third round knockout to extend his undefeated streak as a professional.

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Cota 8 10

10 9 10

Judges verdict: N/a.

Physically awesome Wilder had a five inch height advantage over the comparatively modest 6’2 Mexican heavy; Cota. In the past year, Wilder has considerably improved his foot-work and head and upper body movement, has become less reckless, more polished in attack and, in his 19th pro bout, showed off his new skill-set against Cota as he patiently worked around his opponent with his orthodox jab and occasional lead hook punch.

Cota kept a high guard and appeared bewildered as to how to attack the brobdingnagian in front of him… his head-bound shots missed the target completely and his jabs to the midsection were blocked. Toward the end of the round, Wilder floored Cota but the catalyst for the canvassing appeared to be a cuffing punch on the parietal rather than the frontal bone – a shot not within the confines of the Marquess of Queensberry rules – yet Cota was given a count by the referee.

In his past fights, Wilder was most famed for his lethal right hand, however, he has developed his jab and doubled up on the lead punch in round two. Cota sought to gain some sort of success with a right hand over the top but it did little damage and was brushed off by Wilder who, moments later, had to take a couple of backwards steps in order to veer away from a mid-level left hand. A one-two from Wilder was evaded by Cota and a three-punch combo also missed the target in the final minute.

Wilder won the first minute of the second round due to his jab alone, however, his inability to connect in the second and final minute, combined with Cota’s fine flurry to the body at the round’s end, saw the Sinaloa prizefighter pick up an unlikely ten score.

In the third round, Wilder varied his jabbing by targeting Cota’s soft midsection. The second round proved to be a lull in Wilder’s activity as he increased his work-rate and scored with a straight left hand which sparked a trading of kidology between the two boxers. In the third, Cota landed his best punch of the contest – a huge overhand right. Wilder returned to the belly with his jab, showed good movement by circling Cota and fended his opponent off with a lingering left before finishing the fight with a huge fist to his opponent’s temple. Cota was sprawled on the deck, had no chance of making the count and, instead, lay on his back for a number of minutes while his seconds attended to him.

Wilder is being slowly navigated through the paid ranks but has shown good promise of late. With the triumph over Cota, he moved to 19-0-0, 19ko while Cota dropped to 17-4-1, 10ko.

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