Pacquiao has ‘no problem’ fighting Mayweather Jr, he’s ‘ready’

5 Nov

Robert Delgado – Los Angeles

Modern boxing’s two most famous names, Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao have, in the same week, issued firm indications that they are willing and ready to re-enter negotiations for what will likely become the most lucrative and marketed showdown in the sport’s history. Following on from Mayweather Jr’s desire to fight ‘the little fella‘ on May 5 in a Las Vegas mega casino, Pacquiao has stated he ‘has no problem‘ booking the bout.

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No sweat - can the rival promoters engage in a successful negotiation? Credit: S. Verbeek - Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

Speaking earlier in the week, Leonard Ellerbe – the CEO of Mayweather Promotions and trusted confidant to Floyd (42-0-0, 26ko) himself – confirmed his charge’s desire to settle the dispute over whom owns the debated pound-for-pound crown in what will be a three-belt unification contest next summer (Pacquiao’s WBO title, Mayweather’s WBC belt and The Ring magazine championship would all, presumably, be on the line).

According to abs-cbnnews, when reacting to Ellerbe’s statements Pacquiao (53-3-2, 38ko) also iterated such a challenge would not faze him but that his attention is currently focused on his most immediate task quietening the dissenting voice of long-time rival Juan Manuel Marquez: “No problem, as long as there’s no problem with the promoter,” Manny said. “Right now I’m very focused on my fight on November 12 so let’s talk about that after the fight.”

The initial speculation was that Victor Ortiz, whom Mayweather defeated by way of fourth round knockout, was being used by Money as southpaw preparation for Pacman, however, in the weeks that followed the win in Vegas there were murmurs from Sergio Martinez via Spanish radio that he expected to announce a deal with the undefeated American in the coming weeks.

There has been no further embellishment of the Maravila rumours as – because of reports this week – they have now been replaced with the most eagerly-anticipated fight of the current millennium. A subject matter that will be further escalated in fistic conversation amongst the fight industry and fans alike as, while on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Pacquiao said: “I’m ready to fight him.”

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