David Price indicates his road to Tyson Fury will include knockout of John McDermott

1 Nov

Tommy Barber – London

On November 19, two of Britain’s heavyweights – David Price and John McDermott – will box and the winner will be made the mandatory challenger for the British championship, currently held by Tyson Fury. Ahead of the match-up, Price expressed sympathy for McDermott who has been on the wrong end of debatable decisions, however, the brobdingnagian Liverpudlian warned Big Bad John he will end the fight before the judges can get involved.

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“John is one of the most talented fighters in Europe and the unluckiest having been on the wrong end of a few decision,” said Price, perhaps a reference to the first bout between McDermott and Fury (an amateur rival of Price’s) when, in 2009, Tyson won a referee’s decision with a questionably wide score of 98-92.

McDermott (26-7-0, 17ko) boxed Fury in a rematch the following year, but succumbed to a late stoppage loss, thus eliminating any scoring controversy. Price, too, has stated he will be looking to knockout the popular heavyweight from Essex when the two engage in the Olimpia, Liverpool.

“Come Saturday November 19 no mistakes will be made and there will be no need for judges,” pledged Price. “No disrespect to John, but he has had his chance on more than one occasion, and has always ended up second best and I intend to keep it that way come Saturday night in Liverpool.”

McDermott responded: “David has never met a fighter like me and I am going to take him into the trenches and give him the fight of his life and I promise all my fans I will come out triumphant.”

Price 11-0-0, 9ko is accruing added interest with every fight he takes. At 6’8, he is a colossus of a man. This, on top of his adoption of a patient and productive boxing style that involves assessing his opponent with his orthodox jab and finding the right range before methodically beating them down with the right cross.

The current calendar year has been his most impressive to date as, in three fights, he has fought just six rounds having disposed of Osborne Machimana in the third round of a Commonwealth eliminator in February, taking Raphael Butler apart in a single round two months later and flooring friend and fellow big man Tom Dallas in the second round in June.

McDermott, meanwhile, has largely acted as an effective trial-horse for Britain’s best boxers. He was twice foiled by Fury, twice took Danny Williams the distance and, most recently, sent Larry Olubamiwo down in the opening stanza. A victory over Price would catapult Fury to the front of the queue for the Lonsdale title he has thrice challenged for before.

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