Prizefighter SF Result: Pure Silk Roberts joins Choi in final

29 Oct

Tommy Barber – London

Mongol Warrior Choi and Pure Silk Rhys Roberts will meet in the final having both emerged triumphant in distance fights over respective semifinal opponents George Jupp and Troy James in the Prizefighter featherweight tournament in York Hall, Bethnal Green in east London on Saturday, October 29. Both victors, according to On The Beak‘s (unofficial) scorecards, won each and every round.

Final result

Quarterfinal result

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SF 1 – Barber’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3
Jupp 9 9 9
Choi 10 10 10

Judges verdict – 30-27, 29-28, 29-28; unanimous decision to Choi.

Body-shots, three to four punch head-bound combinations, nose-crunching jabs and right hands over the top that landed on Jupp’s cranium, Choi began the semifinal stage like he had finished the quarterfinal stage – in scintillating fashion. Jupp, though, was putting up a greater fight than Lee Glover as he kept a rigid guard, kept himself busy by throwing a multitude of shots but, by the round’s end, had landed an identical number of punches – 17, the only thing separating the pair was accuracy.

Speeding away on his bike, Jupp back-peddled in the second round, moving swiftly around the ring’s periphery. Harassing his opponent, Choi dug shots into Jupp’s rib-cage while Jupp attempted to keep the Mongol Warrior at arm’s length.

Choi abandoned his jab in the final round as he looked to finish the tie with his power punching. Launching his fists like melee weapons, Choi sent fists flying at awkward and unorthodox angles. In the final minute, a straight right from Choi almost felled Jupp as his knees buckled, however, his legs remained strong and he was able to physically stand-up – literally – to the constant pressure from Choi who was chomping at the bit, finished the round and fight strong and was deserving of his place in the final.

“I’ve done enough,” commented Choi to Sky Sports following his win and passage to the concluding leg of the tournament. “Very good respect, I didn’t knock him out, he has a good chin. Who’s next now? I bash you! Knock… you… out!”

Jupp said: “It was close, it could have gone either way [but] I’m not arguing with the result.”

SF 2 – Barber‘s scorecard

Round 1 2 3
9 9 9
Roberts 10 10 10

Judges verdict – 29-28, 29-28, 30-28; unanimous decision to Roberts.

Blessed with good timing, Roberts – nicknamed Pure Silk – picked his punches well, landing at well as he patiently waited for his openings before pouncing with a reflex action like a snake. Roberts’ job, though, was made easier as James employed very little head movement and stationary targets are always easier to lay leather on than ones on the bounce.

Roberts kept one glove chin-high and the other low but, instead of using his gloves and forearms as a shied for his face and body, he’d elect to evade James’ misplaced punches by retreating out of the pocket with two to three steps backward. The benefits of the backpeddling were twofold, for Roberts was effective when boxing backwards and still reserved good power when punching in this manner, as James swiftly found out when he walked into numerous right hands.

Moving laterally in the third, Roberts – like he had in the first and second – picked and placed his shots in a mature manner. His punch of the round was the uppercut, struck when game James stepped inside.

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