Who should Floyd Mayweather Jr fight next?

27 Oct

Denzil Stone – Atlantic City

It has been over a month since Floyd Mayweather Jr secured victory over Victor Ortiz in Las Vegas and there has been much noise made over whom he should box next, however, the Mayweather camp has been muted. Certain fighters have indicated they are in the queue, yet On The Beak asks readers who they most want to see Floyd mix it up with in his first fight of 2012. Below is a shortlist of potential candidates…

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Ortiz no longer a world champ. Credit: S. Verbeek

Victor Ortiz

(29-3-2, 22ko)

  • Would appease fans who deemed his 4th Rd KO move ‘cheap’ (+).
  • Ambiguous PPV sales from the first fight, what does Ortiz bring to the second? (-).
  • Potential disinterest (-).
  • Should Ortiz work for his rematch? (-).

Pac and May are P4P no. 1 and 2. Credit: S.Verbeek

Manny Pacquiao

(53-3-2, 38ko)

  • Is the super-fight everyone wants to see and settles 147lb and P4P number one (+).
  • Would generate huge $$$ (+).
  • Is a world-title unification (+).
  • Potential for barnburning trilogy (+).
  • Proven problems during negotiation phase (-).

Khan is a fast-rising P4P player. Credit: S.Verbeek

Amir Khan

(26-1-0, 18ko)

  • Like Ortiz, is another young and hungry lion (+).
  • Brings the British market (+).
  • Could sell out a UK super stadium like Wembley (+).
  • Enhances Wildcard rivalry for possible Pac fight (+).
  • Khan may need a ‘tune-up’ at 147lb first (-).

Sergio could bring out a great May display. Credit: E.Diller

Sergio Martinez

(48-2-2, 27ko)

  • Is the next most challenging opponent after Pacman (+).
  • Victory would give May the P4P crown (+).
  • Martinez is eager to battle at 152-154lbs (+).
  • Looked uncharacteristically underwhelming against Darren Barker (-).

Miguel must defeat Antonio. Credit: Chamber of Fear

Miguel Cotto

(38-2-0, 29ko)

  • Strong performance over Margarito makes Cotto even more relevant at 154lbs (+).
  • Good stylistic match-up with May (+).
  • Wouldn’t be available until second quarter of 2012 (-).
  • Pacquiao’s ‘leftover’? (-).
  • Top Rank fighter likely realigned to Pac for rematch (-).

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6 Responses to “Who should Floyd Mayweather Jr fight next?”

  1. They dont call me roger for nothing October 27, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    The courtrooms.

  2. Billy Whizz October 27, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    Pacquiao fight won’t happen so has to be Martinez. If he wins he’s p4p UNDISPUTED number one.

  3. @ Billy Whizz October 27, 2011 at 6:49 pm #

    from that list id say anyone but ortiz lol

    khna wud be good but yea may need to take on mosley at 147 first cotto is good shout if he does something bad to margarito

  4. p4p duck October 27, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    he scared of pac so he shud just fight no one

    or maybe security guard


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