Roach hopeful Pacquiao spar partner Linares can secure rematch with DeMarco

25 Oct

Petra Kirsch – Gelsenkirchen

Former two-weight world champion Jorge Linares succumbed to a late technical knockout loss when attempting to secure the vacant WBC lightweight world title, claimed by Antonio DeMarco, on October 15, however, because Linares was ahead on the judges scorecards but prevented to continue by the referee due to cuts, head trainer Freddie Roach is hopeful a rematch can be negotiated.

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Roach hoped Linares fight could go on. Credit: Stacey Verbeek - Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

“I thought he fought a great fight,” expressed Roach whilst on the On The Ropes boxing radio show. Linares’ boxing method was perceived to be superior, yet DeMarco prevailed because he opened up angry cuts in numerous places, leaving Linares with what On The Beak termed a “beard of blood“.

Linares, who served as chief sparring partner to Wildcard Boxing Club stablemate Manny Pacquiao while the two were training at the Shape Up gym in Baguio City in the Philippines, was stopped in the penultimate round when DeMarco (26-2-1, 19ko) pressed the issue and, instead of covering up, attempted to trade. Ultimately, the Venezuelan’s valiance in battle proved costly.

“The cuts were a problem and the cut-man Joe Chavez just couldn’t get control,” continued Roach. “The blood just kept pouring out. You know I wish that maybe they let the fight go a little further, but the referee is there to protect the fighter and he used his discretion to stop the fight.”

Along with Paul Malignaggi’s dominant display against Orlando Lora, coupled with Dewey Bozella’s popular triumph over Larry Hopkins, the Linares (31-2-0, 20ko) and DeMarco championship bout at the Staples Center in Los Angeles was the highlight of the show and effectively saved the event due to the underwhelming nature of Chad Dawson and Bernard Hopkins’ two round disappointment.

“I think we’re going to get a rematch and I think we deserve one,” commented Roach. “We were ahead nine rounds to one, eight rounds to two, seven rounds to three. I thought he fought a great fight and DeMarco just came on at the end and the blood was just too much to handle.”

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