Donaire triumphs in distance fight against Narvaez: ‘I know how Pacquiao felt against Clottey’

23 Oct

Denzil Stone – Atlantic City

Supremely-talented Nonito Donaire defended his two bantamweight world championship titles at the WaMu Theater in New York City on Saturday, October 22 but, after his pre-fight declaration that he wanted to look spectacular, he was prevented from doing so due to the rigid defensive capabilities of opposite number Omar Narvaez. A previously undefeated fighter, Narvaez relinquished his zero to Nonito in a bout he showed no great desire to triumph in.

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Stone’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Donaire 10 9
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
10 10
9 10 9 9 9
9 9 9 9 9 9 9

Judges verdict: 120-108, 120-108, 120-08; unanimous decision to Donaire.

The size difference between the Filipino Flash and El Huracan was so vast that, when squaring off against each other, it was as if two weight classes separated the pair. Donaire sent in good short lefts inside while Narvaez flicked in accurate southpaw jabs.

Figuring out the portside posturing, Donaire began sending straight right hands into Narvaez’s head. Perhaps realising he did not have the power to hurt Nonito, Narvaez boxed Donaire and adopted a stiff upright guard in order to prevent the champion’s punches connecting. Missing with uppercuts and straights, Donaire was unable to circumvent the Argentine’s defence. Trainer Robert Garcia instructed his ward to use more hook shots in order to get around the guard. Displaying Matrix-like movement, Narvaez slipped three power punches in succession that brought about crowd hollering normally reserved for heavy leather landing.

In round four, there were a multitude of shots dispensed by Donaire that were parried harmlessly off of the forearms of Narvaez, however, Nonito began finding his groove, landing solid shots and causing great trouble for the challenger. A straight to the gut, a left uppercut followed by a right hand, as well as overhand rights all connected for Donaire.

In the fifth, Narvaez landed his straight right. Omar, again, frustrated Donaire with his ring generalship, defensive shield and evasive maneuvering. Donaire, however, was the risk-taker, the aggressor and the fighter who looked the more likely to end the bout early. Narvaez was boxing for a decision but the manner in which he was doing so – safety-first – was not enough to attract the majority of the ten scores.

Donaire’s posturing was in stark contrast to Narvaez’s as the Filipino fighter had a cool, lazy left hand at waist-level, shooting-from-the-hip, while a right glove remained chin high. In round six, Narvaez showed off his slickness but his work-rate paled in comparison to Donaire. In round seven, Omar tagged Donaire with the straight right – the same punch that he had his best success with throughout the fight. There was an eagerness to pay attention to the body, for 50 percent of Donaire’s landed punches were sent toward Narvaez’s midsection. The reason for the bodywork was in order to lower Omar’s guard. If the shield became low, even momentarily, then Donaire could – like he so wanted to – go headhunting and attempt to take his man out.

By the end of round eight, there was distinct dissatisfaction from the crowd at the Theater who had begun jeering in unison. Donaire doubled up on the jab in round nine, the first to the body, the second to the head and, by the round’s end, he threw punches in bunches yet most of them were blocked thereby limiting the champion’s success rate.

Donaire employed more lateral movement in round 11, perhaps in an attempt to give him additional angles as, previously, he was too reliant on forward lines. He also upped the number of punches he strung together in his combination work, unleashing – as a minimum – four shot flurries. The punch that would miss most often, because of Narvaez’s ducking skills, was Donaire’s left hook, but his straight shots carried more success.

When Nonito returned to his corner to receive his final instruction from trainer Robert Garcia, he was asked how he was doing: “I’m bored,” said Donaire, “I just want to fight,” he added, voicing his discontent at the negative tactics employed by his opponent.

In the final round, the New Yorkers in attendance were chanting “This is bullsh*t!” over and over as, even though Narvaez needed a knockout to win, he continued to show an unwillingness to stand and trade with Donaire. In a damning sign of how ineffective Narvaez was, Nonito was only troubled when he put his foot on the gas, threw a right and then missed with a left only to entangle and almost strangle himself on the ropes.

Donaire was desperate to return to the ring following the promotional tug-of-war that ensued between Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions – one which delayed his ability to fight for eight months. When he finally had an opponent in front of him, he was presented with one who refused to engage, was not busy, landing a paltry amount of punches and the ones that connected had little effect. Donaire, a pound-for-pound climber, came to fight, wanted to force the issue but ended up having to endure a distance fight.

“I want to thank the Filipino, Latino boxing fans,” said Donaire to HBO after the official announcement of his shutout victory. “I did my best. I’m sorry it didn’t come out the way we all wanted. He’s a great champion, I have great respect for him. You have [Sergio] Martinez and [Marcos] Maidana – they come to fight. He didn’t.

“I now know how [Manny] Pacquiao felt with [Joshua] Clottey,” quipped Nonito. “I’m definitely moving up to 122lbs now. I was beginning to cramp up so 122lb is definitely the weight for my next fight.”

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