Video: Arum impressed with Pacquiao opponent Marquez – His muscles are so big

19 Oct

Alan Dawson – London

The increased muscle mass that Juan Manuel Marquez is currently sporting due to the transition from his normally lightweight frame to a 144lb catchweight physique has impressed Top Rank figurehead Bob Arum. Marquez is due to box Arum’s premier prizefighter Manny Pacquiao, the WBO welterweight world championship incumbent, on Saturday, November 12 in the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas.

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Marquez looking good at the new weight. Credit: Stacey Verbeek - Maple Avenue Boxing Gym, Dallas

“I thought it was a different person,” quoted the Manila Bulletin of Arum, who claimed he had to give the Aztec warrior a double-take in order to ensure it was the former champion of three weight divisions and arch-rival to Pacquiao.

Training in the mountainous region of Toluca and in Mexico City, Marquez – under the guidance of respected trainer Nacho Ignacio Beristain – have been working on building Juan Manuel into a welterweight fighter following a lengthy dip in the lightweight pool. Marquez has had one fight within the confines of the welterweight division, an unsuccessful attempt to trump Floyd Mayweather Jr in a bout where he appeared uncharacteristically sluggish.

A priority for the third clash with Pacquiao, therefore, is to get Marquez to the required muscle mass without inhibiting his natural speed and counter-striking ability and, with four weeks left until the world title fight, it appears as though Beristain and Marquez will only need to be working on speed now, as: “Marquez’s muscles are so big.”

The introduction of a conditioner and a dietitian may have also boosted Marquez’s strength and fitness: “They’re making him strong for this fight because he has to be very strong for Pacquiao.”

In the video below (credit – Youtube, alquimist71) Marquez can be found working the speed bag during a recent work-out.

Editors note: listen to the pop from the bag when Juan Manuel throws his solitary left hands and uppercuts. There is no rattle. This is because the punch and follow through is so precise that he pushes the bag into the board.

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