Referee Pat Russell comments on Hopkins and Dawson title clash

18 Oct

Petra Kirsch – Gelsenkirchen

“If a guy is complaining that he can’t continue a fight, I’m not going to allow him to continue,” is the official line spoken by referee Pat Russell, the third man in the ring for the recent WBC light heavyweight world championship fight contested between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson. The latter won by way of second round technical knockout after Hopkins injured his shoulder due to a fall on October 15 in Los Angeles.

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B-Hop on the pads. Credit: Gene Blevins – Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

“That was a roughhouse fight, two tough guys, very experienced,” noted Russell when speaking to Max Boxing. Following an opening round where both fighters landed precisely five punches, a push-and-shove match ensued in the second. The catalyst for the bout’s conclusion arrived when Hopkins leaned onto Dawson’s back who attempted to shoulder the former champion away from him. In so doing, Hopkins (52-6-2, 34ko) fell back-first to the canvas and separated his shoulder.

“They knew exactly what they were doing,” continued Russell. “They were trying to gain angles at all times so they could throw shots.”

During the aftermath, Hopkins intimated that he wanted to continue the fight by just boxing with one arm, however, Russell stated: “It was a doctor’s intervention and in their continuing dialogue, I don’t think he ever examined him. I really don’t. I can’t tell you that,” before adding:  “I’m not going to speculate about anyone’s physical condition.

“I’m going to believe the fighter. I’m going to believe the doctor and I’m going to believe the medical evidence. I’m not a doctor and if some guy’s complaining that he can’t continue a fight, I’m not going to let him continue with a fight.

“I’ve got to believe him. He knows his body and he’s in pain and I’m not going to cast aspersions upon any fighter on that. This is a tough business. They’re in that ring and they get to make that assessment on themselves. I’m not going to do that for them.”

Golden Boy Promotions, who act as a representative for B-Hop, have filed a ‘firm’ appeal to the WBC. The findings of their appeal are yet to be announced.

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One Response to “Referee Pat Russell comments on Hopkins and Dawson title clash”

  1. andre fabre October 23, 2011 at 3:49 pm #

    In round one clutching and holding by B-Hop was not bvoxing!After two more like situations when after a miss B-
    Hop fell on Dawson,He Dawson had to remove him off his back and threw him on the canvas!visit the tape frame by frame and you can see the sequences!

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