Dewey Bozella retires undefeated as he dominates then decisions Larry Hopkins

16 Oct

Alan Dawson – London

From the Sing Sing prison to the prize ring in Los Angeles, Dewey Bozella chased a dream to box professionally despite a life-long sentence for a murder he did not commit. Exonerated, Bozella was released from gaol an innocent man in 2009 and, on Saturday, October 15 he not only achieved his ambition of fighting pro, he completely dominated in a bout where Larry Hopkins – 22 years Bozella’s junior – was looking for an out in the final round.

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Dawson’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Bozella 9 10
10 10
L. Hopkins
10 9 9 8

Judges verdict: 39-36, 38-37, 38-36; Bozella by unanimous decision.

Dewey Bozella boxed tentatively in the opening round of a cruiserweight fight scheduled for four threes and, due to a lack of head movement, absorbed numerous overhand rights from opponent Larry Hopkins. A solid combination at the opening round’s end livened up the Staples Center as the wrongfully convicted Bozella showed what he was capable of.

Boxing defensively, dancing and jigging around the outside of the ring, Bozella began punching with more regularity, throwing his jabs and right hands but it was only the former that were truly connecting. With 50 seconds left on the clock, Bozella landed a telling body punch square on Hopkins’ solar plexus.

In the third round, Bozella became more aggressive, launching his one-two combinations as he attached his right hand to the left jab. A constant mover with good foot skills, Bozella was able to back away from Hopkins’ shots and even called upon a large arsenal of punches as he sent left hands in over the top, together with his right cross, left jab and right uppercut. Hopkins’ sole success was the right hand.

Taking steps backward, Hopkins seemed uncomfortable with Bozella’s uppercutting and was warned for repeatedly spitting out the mouth-guard in an attempt to spoil the fight. The third time he spat out the guard he was deducted a point. Body-punching and throwing combinations, Bozella backed Hopkins up again as the fourth reached it’s final minute and Dewey reached full flow.

Finishing the fight strongly, Dewey boxed the guard out of Hopkins’ mouth at the closing bell’s chime and, as a 52-year-old, retired with a perfect record of 1-0-0, 1ko.

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