Prizefighter Quarterfinal Results: Farrag and Lyon contest brutal barnstormer

12 Oct

Ibrahim Harb – Birmingham

For the first time in tournament history, Prizefighter welcomed eight super flyweights to it’s Last Man Standing franchise on Wednesday, October 12. Don Broadhurst, Mike Robinson, Lee Haskins and Ryan Farrag all won their respective quarterfinals at the Olimpia in Liverpool and progressed to the semifinal stage at the expense of Usman Ahmed, Nathan Reeve, Terry Broadbent and Craig Lyon.

Final result

Semifinal result

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QF 1 – Harb’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3
9 10 10
Ahmed 10 9 9

Judges verdict – 30-27, 30-27, 30-28.

Making his way to the ring with as much swag as Prince Naseem Hamed, Usman Ahmed – who achieved Youtube notoriety for being on the wrong end of a swift one round knockout – had the chance to redeem his character on the popular Prizefighter platform. Against Broadhurst, he was the bookmakers’ underdog, a label reflected with his tentative start, boxing around the ring’s periphery.

Despite Broadhurst making the forward motions, though, it was Ahmed who was letting his punches go more often. Broadhurst finished the first round in the stronger fashion as a left hook thundered into Ahmed’s bonce, shaking him by the core. In the second round, Ahmed fought on the outside, landing solitary shots onto Broadhurst’s head and body and maintained a comfortable rhythm.

In the third, Broadhurst – like he had done throughout the contest – boxed at a slow tempo. Energy conservation is a fundamental tactic when boxing three fights scheduled for three threes in a single night and this was something Broadhurst was adhering to. He was clearly blessed with the greater power and perhaps could have secured the knockout, yet held back. Broadhurst’s most telling punch – and the shot of the first quarter final – was a crisp left uppercut that crunched onto Uzzy’s chin. The final minute was all Broadhurst and he even began showboating.

QF 2 – Harb‘s scorecard

Round 1 2 3
9 10 9
Robinson 10 9 10

Judges verdict – 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

Outside favourite to win the tournament outright, Mike Robinson was aligned with prospect Nathan Reeve when the draw was made in the ring on the night. Robinson opened up a small nick over the eye of Reeve almost instantaneously and – for Robinson – the streaming claret flowed auspiciously into Reeve’s eye. Robinson looked a class above Reeve and, when the third man in the ring called a time out in order for Reeve’s corner to assess the cut, Robinson looked to take Reeve’s head off with a left hook.

Reeve worked the body over in round two, sending combination punches all over Robinson’s body. Reeve, buoyed by the referee’s uncertainty over whether the fight should continue due to his cut, out-hustled Robinson, clearly looking to take control of the fight himself rather than leave it to the ref. Reeve boxed well against the come-forward Robinson who was walking into shots.

The overhand right was a huge asset for Reeve to call upon in the closing moments of the final stanza. So too, were his hook punches launched with either mitt to each side of Robinson’s breadbasket. Reeve’s work, though, was all too late in the round… he won the final minute yet the preceding two were comfortably owned by Robinson.

QF 3 – Harb‘s scorecard

Round 1 2 3
9 9 9
Haskins 10 10 10

Judges verdict – 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

Terry Broadbent was presented with a unique opportunity in upsetting the odds and securing what would have represented one of the biggest shocks in British boxing history as, with just three fights behind him, he was given a shot against a two-weight British champion in Lee Haskins. The first round, unsurprisingly, was all Haskins, who showed great shot selection and a good punch variety in out-landing Broadbent with what could be construed as an “arrogant” defensive posturing with his hands down by his waist a la Sergio Martinez.

Southpaw Haskins continued to confuse the inexperienced Broadbent with his stance in round two. His defence was sterling… Broadbent did manage to catch him – such is the drawback of a low guard – but Haskins’ foot skills and general speed ensured he was able to zip in and out of the pocket and also use head movement to evade Broadbent’s shots.

Round three saw Haskins tag Broadbent with right hooks, left crosses and right uppercut. Haskins goaded the 22-year-old onto him in the final moments, waving a right fist like a matador does with his muleta yet Broadbent’s reaction was anything but bull-like as Haskins coasted to an easy points victory.

QF 4 – Harb‘s scorecard

Round 1 2 3
10 9 10
9 10 8

Judges verdict – 29-28, 29-27, 29-27.

The fourth quarterfinal lacked any finesse displayed in the first three bouts as both fighters leaped in looking to rough-house and bully the other. Ryan Farrag and Craig Lyon traded heavy leather from the sound of the opening bell with the more powerful punching coming from Farrag. The first round was an absolute hell-raising barnstormer and the fierce tempo and bad intentions carried through to the second set of threes as Lyon sought to battle back with short-range right hooks and body shots while Farrag combo’d at Lyons’ midsection.

Farrag commanded an authoritative jab and showed good intuition in evading some of Lyon’s heavier blows as St Helens-based 29-year-old Lyon always took a step back to set up his overhand right. In terms of rounds, Lyon leveled the contest in the second due to his grueling attention to Farrag’s gut.

In the third round, the Prizefighter crowd in Liverpool witnessed their first knockdown as Lyon was decked with a left hook that concluded an accurate five punch flurry. Lyon responded well, but ultimately failed to defend himself against the hook and Farrag won himself a thrilling three rounder.

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