Prizefighter Final Result: Classy Haskins coasts to victory without losing a single round

12 Oct

Ibrahim Harb – Birmingham

Lee Haskins lifted the Prizefighter tournament trophy aloft having won every single round of his three fights, as well as having the honour of being the only boxer to have scored knockdowns in his bouts. The British and Commonwealth champion at super flyweight added another title to his honours roll as he defeated old rival Don Broadhurst with ease – and in style – at Liverpool’s Olimpia on Wednesday, October 12.

Semifinal results

Quarterfinal results

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Final – Harb’s scorecard

Round 1 2 3
10 10 10
Broadhurst 9 7 9

Judges verdict – 30-25, 30-25, 30-26.

Supremely conditioned, neither fighter showed signs of being gassed… the only signs they had already boxed a total of six rounds each were the swellings and blue bruises that were littered over their respective skulls and faces. Broadhurst, seeking revenge of Lee Haskins for a decision that went against him in 2009, looked to attempt to do something no other Prizefighter contestant had done – take a single round away from Haskins.

Broadhurst looked to jab over Haskins’ jab as the domestic super flyweight ruler had a greater wingspan of around five inches. Haskins, like he had done throughout the quarterfinal and semifinal stage, adopted a cool and relaxed stance. He led in with his right hand but also stood off from Broadhurst, waiting to counter.

A straight right canvassed Broadhurst in the second round. The felled fighter complained he had been pushed but his legs were gone, he had no control over his body and, even though he was allowed to continue having made the count, he was dropped immediately with a replica punch. Upon his return to his feet, he spoiled the fight and tied up and the delay in boxing seemed to have recovered his senses, de-glazed his eyes but his legs remained wobbly. In the final minute of the second round, he stuck out his jab, slammed mid-range rights onto Broadhurst’s chin and peppered one-two combinations onto his head.

Haskins came out swinging at the start of the third round, launching Ricardo Mayorga club-like hookercuts but instead of connecting with flesh, stuck out at air. Broadhurst required a knockout to win such was the deficit on the scorecard but The Don had his composure beaten out of him by Haskins’ precision. It could be argued that Broadhurst took unnecessary punishment… he tried to chase Haskins around the ring but his legs disobeyed him. Broadhurst survived to hear the bell but the decision was – rightly – one-sided.

Haskins’ superiority was backed with the punch stats as he landed 44 to Broadhurst’s nine. Upon collecting his £32,000 cheque and the Prizefighter trophy, Haskins told Sky Sports: “I’m beating everyone that’s in front of me, taking every belt that’s put to me, I’ve proved I’m the best and I want my chance at a world title.

“I could have fought all seven of [the other Prizefighter contestants] to be honest with you!” Haskins, who rises to 25-2-0, 11ko, confidently concluded.

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